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Saturday Smoke will be Gator

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Hi I been sitting back here getting all dipping wet with the drool running down looking at all of ya'll smoke. Thougth I would let y'll see what I got
going on Saturday a little gator tail, and some gator rib.
Will have more pictures I hope on saturday.

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I love the little fried gator tail bites... rolled in some bread crumbs and old bay.... good eatin'... look forward to seein it smoked!!
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Interested to see how it comes out. Can't get much gator in Indiana. Be sure to take some Qview through the whole day.
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Oh Yeah! You gotta keep a good running post of this one! Especially for all us FL boys! Can't wait to see the finale!
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Well that is definately dif were I'm from. Looking forward to seeing the end results.
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We do't get too many gators up here in the Rocky Mountains. Sure will be interesting to see this one smoked. Maybe I can trade you some elk steaks for a piece of tail (gator) biggrin.gif .
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Thanks to the internet, it's only a click away


Along with some other interesting looking meats. biggrin.gif I've been itchin' to try the kangaroo...
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us minnesota boys will be interested in this one.eek.gif
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hey butch.........did you skin that gator?

and are you going to tan that hide..........hehehehe

can't wait for q-view
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Hey Butch, you have had slow cooked gater before?I know it's pretty good fried but have not heard good things about low &slow,never had it slow cooked so I'm not sure-will keep up on this 1.
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Looking forward to your tale 'o the tail!

We don't get many Gators around here ...
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I was just wondering if while you're smoking the gator will you be sing the "see you later, Wally Gator" song. ( just for us oldies.... lol)
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Thanks for the link, PitRow! I've got plenty of elk and deer, but you're right; no alligator or kangaroo. I can't imagine the kangaroo being that good, or the Aussies would be marketing them .
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If it turns out good for you, let me know how you did it. I smoked some a couple of years ago and.......well............let's just say I onlly fry it these days. LOL
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I'm with Fatback, I can't see where low and slow is going to work with Gator. It's kind of a fast and hot kind of meat. But lets wait and see.
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Crockadale I like to wrap my gator in bacon smoke for 1hr then beer bater them up and deep fried, on the ribs will do a 11/2hr smoke then wrap in tin cook for 2hrs out and on to the grill to finished. I have had good review on this way of cooking. But I'm always open to any good advise
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I like that smoke then fry idea..........just might have to give that one a try.

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That puts a new light on the subject.

If you were to smoke that puppy for any period of time I would suspect it would be kind of rubbery.
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"Interested to see how it comes out. Can't get much gator in Indiana. Be sure to take some Qview through the whole day."

Ditto, although will be interesting!!! Always thought it had to be cooked at higher temps??
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Well....here's one Buckeye ready to see some gator get smoked!!!!

For anyone else interested in getting local meats (those of you in the north, looking for gator meat)....my suggestion is to not try some of the big online "chains".....look for butcher shops in the areas (like tampa, gainesville, miami, etc..) that carry the meats. often times, they'll be able to pack and ship it to you...cheaper than the online "chains"...and its probably a little better quality.

Gator Hunting season runs June 3-Nov 1 and you can only tag two gators per permit. Although its a long season, you can only tag two gators and the state dictates where you are allowed to hunt.PDT_Armataz_01_41.gifPDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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