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Decent Ribs, But A Question or 2

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I smoked a rack of babybacks yesterday. I was pleased with the results, but there are some things I am sure I could improve on. Considering the crappy Charbroil H20 vertical smoker I am using, I guess I should consider anything that comes out edible a success! I used the 2-2-1 method. Upon placing them in foil for the second step, I mopped on some applejuice. Now, when they were done, they were absolutely fall off the bone. I literally pulled each bone out of the rack. My only real concern was that they were a little dry in areas, and to be honest, I sort of enjoy when you can actually knaw on a bone. Whenever I go to a rib burnoff, the meat is always nice and tender, but never falling apart. Also, there were some areas that were a little dry. But like I said, I had some good smoke flavor and I ultimately shouldn't complain about the meat texture. The temp gauge on the smoker gives you the option of Warm, Ideal, and Hot. It was pretty much just below Ideal the entire time. Just looking for some tips out there. Any help is much appreciated.
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I'm fairly new but from what I have read and understand, I would guess....

1) Your 'ideal' temp was not ideal. Need to use a temp probe or something else to ensure your around 225.

2) 2-2-1 - you may have cooked them a tad too long in either of the steps. My understanding is when the meat starts to pull back about 1/4 inch from the bone, the first step is done. Then move on to the next and so on.

I'm sure someone else with a lot more exp will chime in as well and give you better info...
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Yeah, the first (and most important) step is knowing what temp you are actually cooking at.
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I don't use babys usually... too much money and run into what you did alot. Experience is the best teacher. OBSERVE the ribs..pick up a slab... the "bend" tells you alot on where they are at. temp probes don't work for ribs, too thin and too much bone. they WILL help you as far as pit need that. Keep digging... and keep LOOKING.

I foil at the first sign of "pullback" of the meat off the tips, and rarely go more than a half hour foiled before I "firm them back up" unfoiled- for BB's.
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I guess if there is anything I am learning in these forums it is not to go by time, but by temp and look. I don;t want to invest too much (new temp gauge) in the current smoker I have because I will be purchasing a Charbroil Smokin Pro this summer. I really appreciate all the feedback.
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Get get a digitial with a probe that you can lay on the rack..........don't bother swapping out what is in the smoker.
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You are gonna want a digital or two anyway. You put the probe thru a potato or wood block to hold it at grate level to get more accurate temp reads..or if you can..thru your top vent.
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Dang yer fast Joe! :{)...what Joe said!
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If they are falling apart when you remove the foil then they're most likely already overcooked and will dry with more time. I would cut the foiling stage to an hour.

I did 6 slabs of BBs yesterday more like 2.5-1.25-.5.
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I don't recall the meat pulling back from the bone 1/4" when I went to stage 2. Should have just been patient and waited for that to occur, then cut down on stage 2? What is the purpose of the foil stage anyway, to keep them moist/juicy?
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Richtee and Fatback, I have glanced over the potato thing with temp. Do i just place the probe in the potato and lay the potato on the grate? How does that give an accurate reading of the pit temp? It seems like it would just take the internal temp of the potato?? I'm confused!
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I just lay it on the rack myself...........but on the potato thing.......make sure the end (where the sensor is) is all the way through the potato.......the potato just gets the probe up in the air.
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I'm an idiot! I guess that's why I'm a newbie! I actually thought you stuck it in the potato (not all the way through). That makes a little more sense now!
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Don't blame the cooker, blame the cook! As an experienced cook (who has won more than his share of comp's) told me once..."I can cook meat in a mailbox"! I totally believe in what he is saying....I have one of those Charbroil H2O's and I love it! Once you gain the experience you can produce good bbq as well as anyone on that thing. Have you made the mods that are suggested on this forum? If not you need to take a look, make the mod's and then tell me the H2O is a crappy bet is you will love it!
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The purpose for the foiling in the 3-step process is to get the meat to render from the bone a little bit. It acts like a steamer if you will.

Good luck
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