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Members highlighted in green

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OK, I looked all over and can't find any mention of this new color...Can someone pass some insight on this?? It also states SMF Premier Member when mouse over it.

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SMF Premier Memberships Now Available

Try that and see if it helps.
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Thank you!!!!
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Looks great!
Can we still use the snail mail address?
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wow...........and i thought by my purchasing Jeffs recipes was suporting this site...........hmmmmmmmmmmmm...........guess not
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WD it is supporting the site. Don't feel pressured to purchase anything.

We all need to remember that the site is free to use, but it isn't free to operate. So I kicked in a few more bucks to help out. I don't care anything about having a special color to do it. Shoot it even caused me to get bounced out of the Moderator level. LOL

You aren't watching me run nekked I hope. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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i need see a flash of summin glinting offa summin.......but by the time i turned, it was gone..........biggrin.gif
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There is no obligation to purchase a SMF premier membership. It gives you a few perks and it helps me pay for the site along with the recipes but the free memberships are still there and will remain that way.

I have been asked a number of times to provide an "enhanced" membership option and this is in response to that.

It gives folks a way to support the forum.. it is definitely not a status symbol by any means.

Most forums of this size offer this option and I tend to think it's a great idea.wink.gif
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One other thing... I think I have it fixed now so that it does not overwrite your primary usergroup. For instance, if you are an OTBS member, it will not change your dark blue to green.

I can make individual changes upon request if you notice that it is not showing properly.

Just let me know.
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VERY good idea. Now keep my OTBS mouseover... and you got a deal. I don't want to be called out for money... just for helping. :{)
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Well I just contributed to another great cause, thanks for all the hard work invlolved to keep this the best smokin' forum available to earthlings.
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I seen that this AM...figgered either cheap beer, or ya seen the Wings play last night ;{) Lots of other team's fans be green over the Wings hehehe!
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Given what I have already learned around here to say nothing of what I can still learn, this is the least I can do.

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first off i like to say i think its the people here that make this forum rock!!! if a little more than a buck a month can help make this forum even better i all for it. i know i will get much more than that out of it. thks
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i not so sure i like the green lettering and the title, almost seems like ur buyin it. i dont mind contributing as i am taking from this site most every day but for me to be shown different than other members seems not rite. maybe if just a notation in the users profile. didnt realize how obvious it wud be. thks
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Green Color

Jeff on my computer screen the green is very hard to read -- does not show up well.

Where abouts in Central MN do you live--looking at your avitar you are fishing on Mille Lacs Lake. Is this correct? Just curious because I live in Central MN also, just north of Mille Lacs.

Double Ticon_smile.gificon_smile.gif
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Kinda feel the same way. Wanted to say thanks for the great site and help out, but would really prefer not to be blazing out there PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif . I Like erain's suggestion about maybe something in the user profile, not so much public.

Like to keep the same old look and title. Can I have it back...pleaseeeee smile.gif .
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Maybe the use of the color green could be an option controlled within the user profile?
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Money well spent. God knows I have gained more than $15 worth of knowlege from this site. Now if I could just apply said knowlege.biggrin.gif
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Hey!... I'm glad to see that the green highlight went away...but what happened to my OTBS dark blue? It feels like I've been defrocked...
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