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pulled pork for easter wend - what cut to use?

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So i wanna go to the butcher soon to get a cut of pork to smoke for making pulled pork on sunday me hopes.

do i ask for a leg like in this pic

i kno if i ask for a boston butt i will get funny looks icon_razz.gif

Cheers all
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Hey Chris. The hind leg is more suited for ham. Thats not the cut you want for pulled pork. You want to ask for a shoulder...sometimes called a picnic shoulder, if you are planning on pulled pork. This is the same thing that we call a boston butt here in the states. You may be confusing a butt with the hind quarters of the animal. Its a misnomer, the butt actually refers to the front shoulder areas of the hog.

Hope this helps...good luck with it, and dont forget the q-view. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Butt for sure!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Tell the butcher you want the whole pork butt section that he cuts pork steak from. You guys do eat pork steak in Aussyland don't you?icon_smile.gif
The leg is the ham part of the pig, you want the fron shoulder section for pulled pork!
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couple links for ya..........

the first is the usda .pdf.........but maybe there is a Oz conversion for it

the cut you are looking for in 406......scroll down to page 21

the other shows where the different pork cuts are located on a hog

you really want the boston butt..........VERY hard to mess up a butt........

hope this helps

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WD I admire you for going the extra step to help this youngin-newbe out-hats off to u.
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thankx bob.........these are bookmarked for my own reference, plus to post here for others.........

had another one, but its gone.......but i followed the link it gave and came up with this one
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big thanks to all - and yes i seriously did think the boston butt reffered to a cut of meat from the pigs behind.... still on that learning curve icon_razz.gif

picnic shoulder it is.
cant wait to try the finishing sauce

be sure to get q-view for you guys

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