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Put mods on my drum so....if gonna fire it up....put something on...cabbage.

Cored and filled with Italian Dressing

Had to throw moi and the better half in.........on vacation last month!

Finished.....What the heck....cabbage was smoked!

Ribs done last week. Yes, you can freeze and reheat!
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Okay, here goes. Was it any good?
Truth please.
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Reheated ribs from last weeks smoke,....tasty! bet!!! Cabbage,... Gonna do it again! The flavore of the smoke and dressing....recommened it to anyone!
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Very interesting. I may just have to try that. (The cabbage, not the Mrs.) I have always said there is nothing you can do to ruin cabbage. can you introduce me to the young lady in the tourquoise bikini in the back ground of your pic?? icon_eek.gif
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awe the snabbage.....we do it too but with a balsalmic filler............and it's ooooh sooooo good
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Have to say... got hit over the head when the "better" half reached over and layed a "kiss" on me after posting the pic. Damn, for being that old, she should be proud!

Dawg leans over and misses a left hook!!!!!
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She looks much younger than 29 dog...she should be proud.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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yup, I though she was your daughter or some young babe you found on the beach..icon_lol.gif
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Geoff, I was going to ask who the short chubby guy was next to your wife, then I realized that it was you down on one knee.--Sorry Dawg, my bad!! icon_razz.gif
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