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Smokey Lasagna

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Smokey Lasagna....well, not exactly. I was tasked with making lasagna for our community group tonight (a small church group). I was threatened within an inch of my life that it was not to go in the smoker. I begged and pleaded, but lost. So I did the next best thing. I smoked 2 pounds of whole milk mozzerella and 2 blocks of parm. They added a very nice smokey goodness.

Next time I may take the 2 tubes of breakfast sausage and smoke them as a fatty and crumble them into the lasagna meat base.

But, it turned out very good with just the cheese smoked. I usually base how good something is by how much I brought home. Not a good judgement this time as it came out to about 10 pounds worth of food. More than half was eaten, so I'll call that a success.
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sounds good, got any pics?
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Sure! Here's a shot of the ultimate test (second only to flavor) for any good lasagna (in my most humble Scottish/Welsh/American opinion!) If the lasagna can be removed and support itself this well, it passes.

I sliced rather thick hunks of the smoked mozz. A pound on the lower layer and another pound on the upper layer. I also added a cup of grated smoked parm to the cottage cheese and egg mixture. And sprinkled the other 2 cups of grated smoked parm on top.

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looks good Josh,what did she think of the cheese being smoked?
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