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Smoked Turkey Gravy?

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So if I put a pan under the turkey I'm smoking tomorrow to collect the drippings, is that good for making gravy? Just never tried collecting it before.


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as long as those drippings are up to temp ya they gonna be fine-what temp u cooking the bird at?-I have a feeling they gonna burn away
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Bird Temp

I thought I'd do it at about 300. You think that'd burn'm up?
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when I smoke at 300 or even 250 my water pan needs refilling often-I don't smoke whole turkey or chicken-I do them on the grill-and If I want to make grvy I do in the oven-and cook the giblets down and make a couple quarts
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and as typing that I think next time I do a bird I gonna smoke my giblets for the gravy.thanks for the bug
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Just like Mom's?

You know, now that I think about it, when Mom used to roast a turkey she would just add water to the pan to get the dried drippings reconstituted for the gravy. Maybe I will try keeping them moist throughout the day with a little water and then see what I have left to work with in the end. I'll let you know how it comes out. And WHY! didn't I think to smoke the giblets?! I already boiled them off last night when I cleaned the bird.
Allways learnin something.
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Put a aluminum drip pan under the bird and add some chicken stock to the pan. If it looks like it's drying out just add some more stock. make sure you bring the dripping to a boil before you make the gravy. Good stuff!
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That make sense.

That sounds like a good plan. Thanks for that advise.
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