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Great looking unit...........Looks like one hell of a smoker..........Good luck with it...........
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No, my 60 came without warming.....

No, my older 60 came without warming.....I think that baffle you have is a new concept for isolated cooking in your warmer, it allows you to prevent unwanted energy from going to the main tank. I can see where they had to re-shape the heat shield behind your tire to allow the operation of the handle. Also, there seems to be a spring on that handle which I assume is to give the baffle resistance so it stays in position?

I have done something very similar with mine in the "lang 60 mods" thread, but my main tank baffle has to be manually installed with a piece of threaded black pipe. It was sort of a temporary mod until I was sure I wanted to make something permanent and more pictures of that open and closed in your fire box might give me a few ideas:-)
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sorry i read this so late( Dark out now). I will try to snap a few pics of the arrangement when I get home from work tomorrow !
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No rush,

No rush, Plenty of time around here, probably lose power tonight---another ice storm headed this way:-)

If that baffle doesn't seal off the main tank totally, you may find that you can get enough smoke/heat in the main tank(like 160 to 190 degrees) while cooking in the warmer to do a whole lot of jerky!! With my baffle in and the "baby" at 350, the main tank was 160 if i remember right.

I think I am more anxious to see your new Q-views!!
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Thanks for the shared enthusiasm!icon_wink.gif I will post them, even if they are a flop. It took me almost 6 months to figure out the Charbroil silver, I am sure It will be at least 6 smokes to get anything "excellent" off of the 60.
The bottom baffle( firebox to smoker chamber) can be closed all the way. I have been told that I could very easily smoke butts or ribs in the warmer, with the warmer baffle opened up. It takes the heat and smoke right off the top of the firebox. Thankfully there is a slanted drip pan, with a drain that exits out the cabinet to the right side(looking from the back) to prevent any fires. I'll get some pics and send them to you, so not to run this thread into the ground.PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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Thanks Dan:-)

I can assure you that if you can build a fire and have operated a woodstove before that you will know that machine after a few hours! It is not unpredictable at all.

Yes, I kind of went off on a tangent on your thread here, but there seems to be a lot of interest in these Lang's, so i am sure there will be interested readers out there:-)
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Uh Steve, That was not directed at you bud! I was directing it at myself.As excited as I am about getting my dream rig, I don't want to overwelm/ bore others with my situation.
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Awesome rig ya got there!!! Very nice!! Love the wheels...
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glad to see you got her home safe and sound...

i may have to take a trip to Kalam, got a couple of loins and fatties sitting in the
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Hey Jeff, come on down, I think I might have a lil more room to add extra requests now!icon_smile.gif .

I just couldn't wait for today, I am like a lil kid, well OK a big kid, with a new toy. I went to a local tree removal company yesterday and bought a face cord of some real nice looking oak.It was seasoned and the price was good.

So today after I got done with work(sucks to work on sat) I fired her up for the first time, stacked some logs in the box, lit a chimney full of lump, when it was ready, I tossed it in the box on top of the logs I layered in there, shut the door, made sure all the valves and baffles were to my liking and watched magic happen. If it wasn't so dang cold out (20 degrees and sunny/windy) I might have had a woody!eek.gif

Smoke was comming out the stack, and things were comming to temp, I started monkeying around with the different baffles, and intake valves, and I'll be damned if you couldn't just regulate this thing almost as easy as the stove in the house. Opened the intakes, and switched things to full steam ahead and she got up to 350-375 in a matter of minutes, dialed it back down, and within 5 minutes, she was purring at 225. I was impressed.messed with the warmer, and the same thing, no problem getting that closet up to 250-275, or dialed down to 140, while the main chamber was at 350.

This is gonna be fun. I think the charbroil silver had high hopes today when I started the chimney in her SFB, but when I took it away, and gave it to the Lang, I think she has an attitude now!PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif

Lookin forward to tomorrows smoke!

10 lbs chicken leg quarters, 2 fatties, and a couple tins of wicked baked beans. I'll be sure to capture the experience with a few Q-views.

Smokin Steve, my friend, you were right, I think I am in love!
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I could smell the smoke from here!

HMMMM---Only if I could get my wife to say exactly those words, but for now, I guess I'll have to settle for yours!!!!!!

I know you are going to make another run the supermarket to get some more grub to put on that monster tomorrow! Awesome, super glad it is working the way it should!
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You don't have to... that is my job...
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Great looking investment.... I am sure if you have questions on yours, you can contact Tonto. They got a Lang 60 last year... looks just like yours, except they also got the warmer/grill on the front....
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Hi Capt,

You still "On" for this Sat on the chuck? Let us know what you do and how you do it:-) Never done a whole chuck roll but I have been thinken about it. Just have to convince my "nurse" wife its healthy, maybe put some spinach leaves on it?
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Heck Yeah!!!

Sweet Rig dan you will love it. I hope you will get much joy and good food out of that rig. I am VERY happy for you!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks jm, yes steve, the chuck fest is still on for sunday. I have a steelhead tourny on saturday, but I will get them rolls rubbed and ready. I am hoping to get up early on sunday and get em in the pit by 4-5 am(there goes my only day to sleep in) so that I can hopefully rest them by 6-7 pm, and pull before bedtime.I will post the Q-views.I think I am gonna inject one, and do it whole, and cut the other one into 3 equal sized pieces , for more bark distribution.Sposed to be a nice sunny weekend around here, looks like time to pull the exterior speakers out of storage and get em back in the brackets, so I can enjoy the day of Chuck, with a little music!
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Can't wait to get the details and pics. Have fun Sat at the steelhead tourny, by the way, what is a steelhead tourny?

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