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New guy that loves smoking(the good kind)

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(I quit the other kind of smoking 2 yrs ago) :)

Hello people, I did a question before posting here, so here is my roll call.

I'm from the southwest, right between Texas and new Mexico, el Paso to be exact. I jsut came here from California last year, loving it. We are having perfect weather right now now 70~ so its perfect for smoking.

My smoker is a char-griller pro. I've had it for about a yr and a half. maybe you can see in the pics, I was putting additional thermometers at meat level. I only have one at the moment but plan on installing another on the other side of the door handle. I haven't done any mods besides that one, when I smoke i just turn the has catcher upside down to eliminate the hotspots. I extended the vent too to reach meat level so all the heat doesn't scape just traveling in the upper part of the smoker. That's basically my things, I plan on getting a little grill, a cheap one so I can sear my briskets while the smoker gets to smoking temperature.

Next week I am making the foor for a baby shower for my sister in law, they want brisket. This week I made a test using smoky's method(I didn't want to do it for the first time for the party) I had to sear the brisket in the firebox since I don't have another grill available at this time, worked out fine, but I would like to have more spaceto work, it got prett tight in there with all the flames going crazy.

I have a couple of questions for you guys see if you can help me. first, I used jeff's rub(first time) It was good, but I like my rub to have a kick. I think i'm going to modify it to suit my tastes. I usually use rudy's rub, I love that stuff, I feel like jeff's can use a kick, does anyone agree on that one? have you guys kicked the chilly up a little or how do you guys do it?

how much do you guys rest the brisket with the rub, only overnight? thats what I did with this one with jeff's rub and It could have used more flavor. I think next time I'm going to let it rest with the rub ofr at least 48 hrs. see how it goes.

here are some results I've got with my smoker
(the brisket is from yesterday)

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a bit more pics

Attachment 7838

Attachment 7839

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Well well! Nice schtuff! Welcome aboard and keep the q-view coming!
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Welcome aboard...... Looks good.......... Glad to have you here.......
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Welcome to SMF !!!
Very nice looking QView, The Smokiw Okie Brisket is amongst my favorites.

I think any recipe should be adjustd for personal taste; the recipe is just a good starting block. For us we tame doen Jeff's rub.....

For brisket I have only let rest overnight in rub. But I agree, for more taste let them sit longer, next time I may do a couple of days. I do slather in mustard first before putting on the rub, this is for the rub to stick to the meat better. I wonder if I wouldn't get more rub taste by not using mustard first and just using straight rub?
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Great looking results. Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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hey guys thanks. I love my smoker and thanks to all you guys i've learned a lot. I've been a long time reader and recently registered just to ask a couple of questions. I am getting together with a friend this weeken to smoke 4 briskets, we both have the same grill/smoker so we'll have a lot of smoke going around the neighborhood.

I'm going to rub the meat on Wednesday, wrap it and leave it in the fridge till friday, we're doing two with jeff's rub and 2 with rudy's rub. I'll make sure to get you guys a lot of pictures. maybe we'll throw in some ribs too just to make it more interesting hehe
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Glad to have you amongst us at the SMF. Looks like you've got it going on, what with the Q View and all! In the rubs, just try increasing the amount of chile powder, or use a hotter chile powder, and it won't hurt to let in sit in the fridge a little longer. MossyMo said it all, Jeff's rub can be considered your base recipe. You can adjust from there till you get the taste you like. It's all good.
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Welcome, nice q-view, glad to have you.
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Welcome to the forum. Good lookin q-view!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awesome looking smoke...
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yea thats what I did with the rub for the 4 briskets im doing this weekend, Increased the chilly, both kinds. It'll take a while to get the perfect taste but like you said, i'll just make the recepie my starting point and work from there. thanks guys
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guys, I got 3 bags or cowboy lump today from lowes. I know a lot of people here don't like this brand. I've been reading a lot of bad reviews about it, is it really that bad? If it burns fast like everyone says, it will do me no good in my smoking since i'm doing briskets.

If you guys think its not worth it for long smokes, let me know so I can take it back to lowes. I'm going to walmart tomorrow to check if they have royal oak since everyone speaks high of this brand, I know I have to look for brazilian or usa made. If i find royal oak, i will take back the cowboy.

I'm using the minion method and if cowboy lump doesn't last i think i could go through a bag in less than 2 hrs.
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