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I don't want the wall getting beat up. The door swings open enough to get into it fairly easy and switch out the keg. I get asked the routinely though.

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Keg is cold (forgot to mention in earlier post... Shiner Blonde) and the final parts are on a FedEx truck... OUT FOR DELIVERY! I can't stand it, this day is going to be so long. ha ha!! I've got to find something to keep me busy.
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Great looking kegerator!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Can't wait to see the pics, I think you have given me another project, my wife is starting to hate you guys. . . .but as soon as I fire up the smoker her growling stomach with make her forget.
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Unless you ordered odd shank sizes make sure to use a nice, sharp 7/8th inch hole saw to cut the fittings. It will fit operfectly, almost screws right in. I've got a friend who used a 1 inch hole saw and the faucet is sort of wobbly. Also, one more tip, may be self evident... Make sure to inspect the interior to see where it will come out. I've seen it done where it comes out right between shelves, on the shelf itself. Works but not very accessible or pretty.
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But you get to break it in on a Friday night! We want pics of you tomorrow morning.eek.gif
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I used the 1" and my faucet isn't wobbly. If somethings wobbles then maybe it should tightened.
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I agree with tightening something that wobbles although if a 7/8th inch hole fits a 7/8th inch shank I'd drill a 7/8th" hole instead of a 1" hole. Just my opinion and personal experience with it.
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I've got a fresh 7/8" hole saw in my hand... I'll give it a try first. If that don't work, I'll hit it with the round file till it does. I believe the kit says the shank is 7/8", so I expect it to work out ok.
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