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Vinegar and Aluminum

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question..............if you put the pulled pork and put the finishing sauce on it (vinegar), won't this react with the aluminum? if you use a foil pan?
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I think the foil is treated to prevent such. But I have wondered this too. Probably take a long time to become apparent if there was a problem.

Posted this point in the oven bag thread by Geek. Point for using the plastic.
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getting ready to foil a butt........and have a old aluminum pan to put the butt in..........after adding soflaquer's finishing sauce on it, then refridge overnite till tomorrow's game
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Dude I have done it many times without a problem.
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k........always heard the urban legends bout vingegar turning the aluminum black, and adding unwanted crap to the dish.......
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You worry too much. Throw it in there and go! That won't kill ya, the beer and smokes will. PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif .....And I'll be right behind ya. PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

Quit worry'n ya Nancy! you should be done by now anyway!!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

PS wheres the pix?
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Never seen that. Even left in the pan for 2 days.
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butts at 158 now...........

thought they always talk bout brines being in a non-reactive container?
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NOt sure I have never brined any butts for smoking.
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try it dude........you WON"T be disappointed...........i even injected this one for the first time
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Dude...UNDOUBTEDLY there is some reaction. Brining/curing are done over a long period with solutions of salts/acids/etc. The surface contact area of a liquid is much greater than an acidy butt's would be. Therefore the probability of building up a contaminate in noticable amounts would be of concern. Also, temp increases reaction rates..a rule of thumb is for every 10 °F, a reaction rate will double I think... Chem was a LONG time ago.
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so am i okay using this old aluminum pan or not?
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Broiler pans..

Hi Dude,

I get free porcelainized (if thats a word) broiler pans from my local appliance guy. They pull them out of the bottom drawer of used ovens. These are a perfect size(12.5" * 16.5") and I just put my meat in them and either cover the top with foil or if there is a lot of meat, I put another pan upside down and clip them together. They make great food warmers as well. Cut down on foil costs too! If your interested in this, I can eventually tell you what I use for clips and take a few pics for ya. In todays final Qview pic, you'll notice my butts are resting in one.

I really am full--pulled it sauced it--- and ate a few more pieces of bark:-)
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Use it. keep it chilled.
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There is SOME reaction to everything. Yes, someone in the world will have a "reaction" to vinegar and alum. If anyone is ever that worried about it then they wouldn't even breath, cause everyone who has ever breathed has died.

My point is that ya gotta live, and any company putting out a product is gonna make sure your alright. If alum and vinegar was a problem, we'd see it on the news, papers and warning labels all over!

Don't sweat the small stuff. There are thousands of other things to worry about.
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d88de twitches........
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Oh c'mon you been doin' that for twenty years...since ya started breathing all those floor finish fumes. ;{)
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LOL!!! Thats some funny shhtuff right there. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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naw.........i don't do hardwood.........just vinyl, and back in the day, carpet.........BUT back in the day, they had some serious glues out there, that will have you laying the flooring on the ceiling.......LOL...till the fed goverment got involved........go fish
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made a five gal. stock pot of potato salad one time covered it with alum. foil
and the next morning the foil had holes in it icon_sad.gif
and no i didn't eat it.

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