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Ribs and fatties

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Decided to "rack up' some baby backs, and roll up a few fatties. Here is the beginning of the morning. Ribs were rubbed up fri night at 7 pm.

Here they are after 2 hrs.

My fatty split open AGAIN! Man I have a real tuff time with that. The smaller one is still in tact!

Here are the ribs just before the foil. I like them already!

I'll try to get a pic of the fatties after I cut em, and the ribs after the whole smoke!
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well after 3 hrs in the smoke at 225-250 and then an hr in the foil, then 1 more out of foil to finish, here is the final pic before they came off the pit. Very happy with todays smoke!

Then I cut open 2 of the 3 fatties. The big one that split was from frsh ground breakfast sausage,green onion, and cheddar cheese. The other one is just cheddar with Tony's cajun rub outside and inside.

The last pic for this smoke is the final ribs after a rest , just before dinner, and the last fatty of JD, pepper cheese, and my rib rub inside and out!

Full belly, and ready for the Green Bay game, and then the red wings/ottowa game later. Hope you liked the pics. I didn't even bother with sauce on these ribs!icon_razz.gif
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My, oh my, Don! Those all look just great!!
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Looks good. I like the cheese fatty idea.

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Great smoke man. The ribs looked out of this world good!!!!
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Gerat looking smoke... Those ribs look outstanding.. Nice Smoke!!!
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Nice Job....Im going to try a Fattie in the morning and I think Im going to wrap it in bacon.
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Greal looking grup Captain. I thought i smelled ribs cookin somewhere out there. Where did you get your rib racks from? I have a charbroil silver too and haven't found a set that fits yet.
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I got em from Lowes, I think they are made by weber. Bought em 4-5 yrs. ago. I wish they were 4 inches wider. As you can see, I have to pin the ends of full racks with skewers!
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lookin good!!!
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Good God almighty, why did I start looking at this site, LOL!
Your gonna cause me to move back to the Zoo and become your best friend, dude.
Looks great and bet it tastes better!
Tomorrow, I will be in the smoke....
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Smoke on grass hopper, smoke on!PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif Gonna rock with the cannon, or ya gonna use R2D2? Hope all goes well, I'm sure it will.
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I think the rib and fatty meal is my favorite and those look supreme!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Keith
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6 rack's of rib's??? Did i miss my invite?? icon_eek.gif
Those look great Don!
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Alright, thats the second person to call me Don!icon_twisted.gif ( OK its sat night, I understand)

It was only 4 racks( have you been into the Jack?), but if it was 6, I surely woulda called ya man!
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That grub looks great Capt!
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Great lookin smoke!!
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Had to try the fatties.

I never thought of making a loaf of meat for the smoker. I guess you can consider me a fattie virgin. Here is my first attempt.

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I never heard of them before I came here. When I heard "smokin Fatties", I thought I was on a different site!PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif

Man You view there looks good. Thats a buttload of marinated chicken. I wish I was there to sample some. Dem colosal fatties are lookin good too.!
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Nice....I have something to work towards after viewing those pics.
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