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Huntsville, AL

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I just want to thank everyone for all the help over the last 10 months. I have smoked 2 turkeys at Thanksgiving, and numerous racks of baby back ribs, ABT's, and now a meatloaf tonight (which was very good, thanks Ranger). This site has been like an extended family to me and for that I thank each and everyone of you!
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Welcome , and what took yuo so long to join ???? PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif LOL

Just kidding. Heck, I have been smokeing meats for 25 years, and just found this site a couple months ago.


Again, welcome, and don't be afraid to ask questions.
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Welcome to SMF! Sounds like you having been getting things done. So lets see some q-view.
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Welcome to the forum Dan!smile.gif
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Feel the love
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Glad your here you'all
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Welcome to the site and it's nice having you here. I agree with you. I am always on here looking for new tips and info.

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Glad you decided to post, welcome to the forums!
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Welcome to the SMF. We're glad you're here and look forward to your posts.
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Welcome from East LA (Eastern Lower Alabama)
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Welcome to the smf forum!!!!!!!
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Welcome to SMF. This si THE place to be.
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