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summer sausage

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i make my summer sausage in 1# logs .
I would like to add cheese to these like jalopeno or pepper jack .
what is the best way to keep it from melting.
ant help appriciatedPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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I think Debi has a source for hi temp cheese, if not her, someone on here has, don't remember where I saw it though.
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there are several places to get the hi temp cheese for sausage making




there are others but i cant think of them right now they work great for sausage and there are several types out there such as pepperjack swiss and chedder
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The least expensive I have found hi-temp cheese is at the meat counter at our local supermarket. It isn't something they normally sell so they have no preset price and have no clue what to charge so they package it up and put a meat counter sticker on it for their cost.
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Butcher-packer.com has a couple types. Works well, too. Did venison/pork polish style W/cheddar last weekend.
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hi temp cheese

I used some cubed hi-temp cheddar from Butcher Packer and it did great in summer sausage - I hand-formed it into chubs and smoked in the smoker. About 1 1/2" round and was great for slicing with crackers. I tried stuffing it with my 1hp. grinder and it didn't fare well, the auger action chewed it up pretty good, and w/a 10mm stuffing tube for sticks it didn't make it into the meat. So, I just ordered a 15lb. stuffer that should clear up that problem.
I used 1/2lb. of the cubed cheese with 5lbs. of summer sausage seasoned ground meat (5lb. ground chuck chub - best ground meat there is!) and made 10 1/2lb. chubs with it. Eaten 5 already (3 days.. burp!) dang it's good!
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I've made hundreds of pounds of summer sausage with cheese, and the only cheese I have used is pain old cheddar from Sams, cut into 1/4-1/2" cubes. I guess it depends on what you are using to smoke it with. Keep the smoker temps under 165, casing stuffed tight with no voids and you shouldn't have any problems.

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Anyone of these links will hook you up with some high temp cheese
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