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Hey Rich.. Mike Hart went to the same high school as my sisters kids. Saw him play in high school, they said he was a good kid.
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Heh..I'm sure he was... but he sure has messed up his senior year! Well, he DID have some injury issues I guess, but still. Grrr...heh. I, like many- have a high expectation for U of M football.
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They sure did mess up this year.. You should try being a Syracuse fan, they have won 6 games in the last 3 years combined.
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Yer made of sterner stuff than I, Fritz LOL!!

Even the name bugs me. Orangemen? Oompah Loompahs? hehe... ;{)
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sounds good... and the qview looked great! thanks for sharing.
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Its all together and smelling great. Hope its not too smokey.
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If you have any time after your stew is made ... put it back in the smoker like Dutch's beans for an extra smoky stew! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I'm of course interested in the results, Fritz! Got some good hard crust bread for gravy sopping? Yummmm... I love beef stew!
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Sorry for the delay Rich.

Here is the report on the stew. Unbelivable!!! I was a little concerned that the smoke would be overpowering. The meat had the nice kiss flavor of smoke, the gravy was the best, it had a nice rich beefy smoked flavor (thanks for the wine tip Rich). Just a great stew, Can't wait to do this again. Wish I took a qview but we ate all of it before I got a chance.

Oh I made some biscuitsto sop up the gravy...Yum!!

Many thanks for your help.
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