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well, I have a problem. Just had to score on the sale priced chuck roast. So I decided(and I wasn't drinkin....at the time) that I would just buy a whole chuck whatchamacallit in the cryvac. One end has the chuck eyes on it, and I love them on the grill after an hr marinade.

Sooo, I found a nice 18 lber(after going through 3 cases of em), that really looked sweet. This thing is the biggest chunk of beef I have ever cooked. I plan on letting it age in the fridge for about 2 weeks, loppin it in 3 pieces, rubbing them all, probably injecting one of the thickest pieces( it is about6 inches thick at the big end), and slow smoking them as described above.

If there are any personal experiences that anyone would care to share with me, or suggestions, please do, and feel free to PM me if you don't want to post it on here.

I think I need to seek help. The butcher told me today that Pork Butts go on sale on the 2nd for .99 a lb. If I wanted a case ( 10 I think) I could get them for .79 lb. Oh I need a bigger fridge!

I think he tells me that just to watch me squirm.

He says that the cryovac meats can be stored for a very long time, like a month, without freezing.Anyone else have any info to dispute this.?

Thanks for any and all infosmile.gif
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I believe that to be true due to the fact that they are all seasoned (salt based preservative) and of course freezing them will make them last much longer. Rinse them well before cooking.
My .02 worth!
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