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Chicken of the Sea?

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I must give part of the credit for this dish to Gypsyseagod, he threw it up as a thought, and I grabbed it an ran with it.
I took a whole chicken and cut it into (8) parts and brined it in a pre-mixed shrimp & crab boil and sea salt. I then let them sit in the fridge overnight. Once I took them out of the fridge, I seasoned with just salt and pepper. I wanted to do a control taste test, so I kept it simple. Remember, I don’t have the luxury of smoking at this time, so I put them in a preheated O***N at 350º for 35 minutes. I then removed all of the chicken parts and finished them off on the grill. Results were as follows:
Straight-up brined chick parts did take on the shrimp and crab boil flavoring, but not in an over powering way. The combined taste of the chicken and this brine makes for a compatible pairing. I will use it again
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Sounds and looks great! I've got to remember this!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Hmmm Interesting! I use Old Bay quite often on roasted chicken.. Similar?
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Jeeeezzzz Rich. . . You must have really been hungry !! PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif

Sorry, couldn't resist. biggrin.gif It actually looks and sounds great. Pictures sure make it look good.

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Oh great like I don't have enough to try already. But I will be trying this one for sure. Man it ain't easy being new on this site, so many recipes and so little time. LOL
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Some right tasty looking vittles you got there.
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Looks good hon! To bad you can't smoke right now but you will soon!
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