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Weekend Smoke Question

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We are having a pre-Thanksgiving dinner Saturday so I'm going to smoke a turkey @ 300 degrees. The inlaws aren't big on turkey, but love meatloaf so I thought I would try one. Is it ok to smoke the meatloaf @ 300 with the turkey? I'm also going to do a fatty and some ABT's for snacks.
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Well, keep 'er mopped and put it in later than the boid, obviously. Turkey on the lower rack, and maybe a foil under the 'loaf, to direct mop away from said boid. <Sigh I miss Boid. A cockateel I had a couple years back. Good name eh?>
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My brother had a friend with a dalmation named Stripe.
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icon_lol.gif funny kinda like a Zebra named spot?
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Most meatloaf recipes I have seen usually say 350 for the temp in the oven and a smoker ain't nothing but an oven with smoke. You will be fine.
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PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif All engineers have these sorts of problemsPDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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We have a black cat named "Pepper". The kids want a white cat now. Of course, they want to name it "Salt".

My brother named a cat we had as kids "Moosa". I don't know where he came up with a name that invokes such strong images of a moose. I do know that "Moosa" was no match for the radiator fan under the hood of a ugly green 71' Olds my parents had! Not pretty.
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