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Pork chops. How to???

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I have some pork chops I wanna smoke. At what temp. should I smoke them and for how long? They are less than an inch thick....
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You would want to smoke them around 200-220 degrees until the internal temp is over 165. Time is irrelevant, its the temp u need to keep an eye on..
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When smokin chops I like to brine them shortly the cook at 200-225. Takes 2 to 4 hours dependin on thickness. Cook to 160 and enjoy. Great, now I gotta do chops soon. Maybe after the meatloaf which comes after the chicken which follows the.....oh man I love this.
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I like to marinate the pork chops 1/2 a day to add moisture. Also cut the pork chops 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" thick, as I feel a thin pork chops will cook while smoking too fast. I smoke for about an hour and then switch them to a grill to finish them about 10 minutes per side.
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Personal, I would find 165+ as way too much. Shoot for around 155 to 160 tops, then readjust for your personal taste.
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i smoke or grill them until the juice runs clear as w/ all thin pork or poultry anddon't forget the smoked stuffing the last 45 mins or so.
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Chops are great smoked also good brined but lean toward a hammy taste when brined. ENjoy!
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I agree with Flash on this one ... icon_idea.gif
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