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Holy Hotness! Thanks Richtee!!!

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Got a chance to try Richtee's "Smitty's 6-15 ground hot pepper mix" this week.

He says it's called 6-15, because after 6 beers and 15 minutes, you can breathe again! BOY, WAS HE RIGHT!!! I'm not a fan of the hot stuff, but I had to try just the tiniest amount on the end of my finger, and my head nearly blew off my shoulders! It took a good 24 hours before I could feel my tongue again.

I gave the rest to a friend of mine who loves spicy heat, and he put it on his popcorn and absolutely loved it!

Hoooo-Daddy, that was one spicy meatball!

Don't know if Richtee is willing to share the recipe, but I had to give a public shout-out for him... thanks again Richtee!
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Hahahaha... WHIMP! But seriously, the bro-in-law would like to market it in small amounts. he grows all his own stuff and dearly loves to make it. A we all have for some things, eh. And it's not JUST hot... it's a blend of several peppers...Thai, MEx, Hungarian, black and garlic and onion too. Anyone interested it a sample, I'll be glad to mail one out. And as the new batch is about in, I'll ask him about larger quans. I got 4 Oz last year and still have about .5 Z left...:{)

Thanks for the kinds words Matt.. Smitty's gonna freak whan I send this to him. Matter of fact he SHOULD be on here...Hmmm

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I'll be the first to own up to being a WIMP when it comes to heat!

Somebody call me a WAAAAAAAAmbulance!!!
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I like heat but self inflicted pain is out of the question! wink.gif
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Sounds good to me .... if it doesn't bring tears to your eyes, it's NOT HOT ENOUGH !!!!
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I love the heat alot. However the stuff that is nothing but heat and no flavor is a waste of time. Sounds like this is some good stuff if it's good on popcorn lol.

If the offer is still good I'd love a sample gallon icon_razz.gif
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Wow!...Sounds like something I'd like to try!...

Also sounds like you'd need an eyedropper in order to not get too much in a recipe!...

But then...I sometimes drink Cayenne Tea for the ticker!...PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Until later...
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Sounds like you found a sucker to try it Richtee!

I know better!

I'm just bustin' Monstah!
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PM me yer address<es>. It's a powder, and I can only give away about 1/2 oz
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It sounds like some good stuff. Do you use the rocoto peppers? I love 'em when I can find 'em. I usually have to stick with habaneros.
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Richtee, thanks for the sample. I was eating it off my finger tips when I first got it and I must say it is "E to the T". Stuff has got the initial flavor followed by the kick that covers your entire tongue. Great stuff dusted on nacho chips.
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Wow...good review from the pepper dude! Smitty will be happy!Thanks for your respected opinion Rich!
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Thanks for the sample Rich,
I told you my thoughts on it. It is great stuff. Excellent flavor and then the heat kicks in. Can be used for so many things. Thanks Again.
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Just got my sample of 6-15.

Had a cut that wasn't healing and sprinkled a little on it. After being resuscitated, I woke to find the cut was fused shut, as if miraculously closed with a laser beam.

While still in the hospital, I heard that some 6-15 was missing from inventory. Rumor has it that it is secretly being made into a WMD, for some third world country. At this time, no word from the UN Inspectors.

I need to add that I had a split in the end of my offset smoker. Sprinkled on a little 6-15, spritzed with AJ/Capt. Morgan Rum, and watched it weld itself shut, right before my very eyes.

OK, the truth. I am not exactly a pansy, but still, can not take great heat in my food. 6-15 is certainly hotter than I would have been able to handle, in anything more than a modest amount. Anything more than a taste test. But taste, I did.

On the first taste, what surprised me was the great flavor, not the heat. A flavor that was actually coming out, in spite of the heat. I found this unusual. Frequently, there is heat, just for heat's sake. This actually had flavor and tasted good. Hot, yes! But, not 'killer harsh'. I had taken in about the tip of a teaspoon and was both, still alive and enjoying it. Go figure!!

I waited a while and had a bigger taste. Once again, same thing. Amazing but each time, as the flavor and warmth subsided, I found myself wanting another taste. This darned stuff was delicious and could easily become addicting.

I am learning to love Chipotle and various other chili's/peppers. But, 6-15 ranks right up there with the best. I had asked for just enough to dunk the tip of my finger in. I simply wanted to taste it. Now I am glad you sent a little more. Even after my testing, I have enough left to actually try something with, and am anxious to do so. As 6-15 cooks down, I have a feeling it is going to be fantastic.

This stuff is great and I don't know why it wouldn't sell. I for one, would certainly buy it. And, will do so, the minute you let me know that more is available.

Thanks again,

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Hahaha... Glad you liked it And it does mellow a bit when cooked. I did some "cheater's pepperoni" and was a great mix with a little fennel and CBP. The Hott Butt was really delicious as well. But straight.. yeah, it's got a kick!

Word is...Christmas time on the new batch. I have gone thru a half lb. or so this year, and can see that increasing!
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I am impressed. It is great stuff. Please put me on the list and count me in for the next batch.

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Yer first in line :{)
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