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Baby back ribs...

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Reading the other day about baby backs had me thinking of them. Going to Safeway and finding them for 1.99/lb made this an easy day to plan out. My daughter had sports early this afternoon, so I didn't have much time. The alternate plan is the gas grill with a perforated smoker box on the burner. I used some commercial oak (wine flavored) chips and a few pieces of hickory.

I did about a 2-1.5-.5 method to cook these and cooked them at around 250-300. I was a little worried, but the results were respectable. I sauced them per my wife's request, one with Sweet Baby Ray's and one with Crazy Horse's mustard sauce. Both were a success. I also did some ABTs on the smoker with some anaheim chili peppers that I've been growing and wondering what to do with. I'll post about that in the veggie forum...
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Jay, those look great!! I didn't get to smoke today, but I'm looking forward to next weekend.
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I prefer spares. But at $1.99 lb. I'd sure do some baby backs! Normal price here is $2.99 lb.
And it looks like you did a good job on them. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking ribs, mmmm I love ribs!
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So I couldn't find where to post the ABTs, so I'll put them here. I took the anaheim chilis, mixed up some cream cheese, a few slices of a fatty from the freezer and some shredded sharp cheddar. I cored out the peppers (i.e. a canoe), smeared in the stuffing and wrapped in bacon. I smoked over hickory for about 3 hours while the ribs were going on the gas grill. These were great. The anaheim chilis are mild, so the stuffing, smoke and bacon really get the attention here which is a good thing!
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Everything looks pretty darned eatable to me.. pass the ribs please!

Great job!
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glad to see summin else besides japs being used...........some of the ones we been getting get TOO hot.........and yes, they are cored out good.....smokebuzz mentioned summin bout em sitting round too long that they get hotter.........no clue on this end.......i know i can do poppers all day long........but here lately the japs are just TOO much for me.......but my neighbor takes the abt's off my hands.......she even has em for breakfast........eek.gifeek.gifeek.gif

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