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Can someone explain (and show) the difference between the different cuts of ribs? Spare Ribs, Short Ribs, Loin Back, ect. Pictures would be great if you have them.

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Here's a link for pork ribs:
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Nice link Debi.
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here here on that link debi


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Sorry I didn't find a good beef rib picture
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Great link

That explains it in great detail thanks a lot
Good Luck and good smoking
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Thank you. that is exactly the information I was looking for.
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Your all most welcome!
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Hey, One I struggle with & get mixed up on is the difference between St. Louis cut Spares & Kansas City cut Sparesconfused.gif
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The KC cut is just a squared up version of the St. Louis cut..............St. Louis cut keeps tapering down as you move down the rack as the bones get shorter. The KC cut is more cut like a rectangle, usually cutting the smaller end.

St. Louis - longer and tapering down

KC - rectangle lookiing.

Hope that helps.
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