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do they sell yuengling anywhere other than pa
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I am partial to FREE BEER. It seems to have a taste like no other.icon_lol.gif
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Yuengling is all over Florida. But,free is better. Friday afternoons at 1500 is beer o'clock, per the boss.
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I used to work with a guy from PA, said that Yuenling was some of the best, and the oldest brewery in america
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it is one of the oldest and som of the best i ever tasted never woke w/ a headache w/short sleep. never heard of it till i moved here tho.
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I dont drink anymore but I certainly have a list of ones i liked
Shiner Honey
Blue Moon with or without an Orange slice

Pabst Blue Ribbon
Homebrewed Pale Ale
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Can not get Yuengling in Ohio but have heard lots of good things about it. Surprised no one has mentiong Blatz yet?wink.gif Used to drink a few of those with my grandpa. PBR is making a big time come back. A few years ago their sales went up something like 30% in one year and lots of places around here are starting to serve it. There are some wing places in Columbus that now have it on tap.
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I will take your word for it on the PBR. Personally I won't even use it for beer brots. Maybe thats just me. PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Yes Yuengling is all over here. I think the brewrey is here in Tampa if I recall correctly. It's on 30th street by Busch Gardens.
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Well, PBR is coming back and I think Schlitz is too. I remember going into Philly as a youngster and seein the signe in the windows of bars for those two. Actually went in and got served a cold draft one once, and it wasn't too bad, well for a 14yo anyway. Vlap, when you come to the smoke out remind me to show you the mug I got it served in, way cool, it's probabli 45 years old.
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I will do so!
You know a beer I would like to find is a linenkugel (sp?) Red... I was finding it around here last year and now all I can find is the sunset wheat which I can't stand. Good wisconson beer I believe!
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Lienenkugal makes some really good beers. They have a creamy dark that if you can ever find on tap is some of the best. The red is ok. I liked the sunset wheat but I like wheat beers.
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I like wheat beers as well... but something about theres makes me think of soap...
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I'm thinking they have a honey wheat also. Mich. used to have a honey wheat that was great.
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here is their website
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Honey Weis is the wheat one of theirs that I've had, very good. They also have a Big Butt Doppelbock that is good if you like dark beers.
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J.W. Dundees Honey Brown was very tasty as well...
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anchor steam and their liberty ale is a true san fransisco treat
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There are a few places around here that have anchor steam but not sure which kinds.
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You need to get out more! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif LOL!
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