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ferget smoking meat - let's roast gypsy

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ok folks bring it on... i can take it...
nuttin' but love 4 ya'z......
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Gee whiz Gypsy, how can we roast ya? You've never did nuthin wrong in your whole life. rolleyes.gif haha, personally, I think the world of you and your family. (although I'd rather kiss your baby girl or Dev, than you) tongue.gificon_razz.gif You do a fine job my friend, keep it up. Terry
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Eh, yer a might skinny to get a good sear!

...all credit to Okie..I have seen the light!
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Let's see... I'm getting an image of you with a lot of brew, doin' some Q; I see it now! You're try to standup, or are you doing standup?
Just jivin' ya.
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Nope - can't do it ...
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lmao-just keepin' it light on a sunday....i try not to stand.....but w/ this kid... terry i'll let my daughter slime ya......ritchee... ya cans moke a lotta arse... but ya can't sear the fatless....always trust the skinny cook... he's too busy feeding you to eat......
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B I N G O!
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I will gladly roast him, but the rest of you have to play rock, paper sissors to figure out who has to put the rub on !!!
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You can roast him, we'll do a group rub, and then draw straws for who will blast, er I mean baste him.
Gypsyseagod, you know we all love ya, but this considered a manly thing.
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lmao.... i originally was a painter & made so much money w/ coco & wesson oil on a c-mas tree turntable w/ a paint sprayer during spring ya can't baste me......i did on the beach caterings fer a friend's"gentlemen's "clubs & w/ the apron on wen't & played guitar w/ a band i booked....oh god i needa scanner to post these pics... but then i'd get banned fer life.....
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dallas 3 & 0... oh ya yankees hate us..... PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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