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I'm going to do some back ribs and a couple Fattys on Saturday.
Maybe Dutch's beans.And?????
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Hey all, it's been a while- the 6 month old son and 2 1/2 year old daughter have something to with that I think.

I'm doing a 7lb brisket tomorrow. I like the idea of the tin pan and letting it sit in its own juices. I plan on foilin' at 165 (mopping and adding the juices from the tin, taking it up to 190. Using the tin pan won't affect when I should foil it will it?

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it shouldn't
i did a 10.5 lber last weekend......used a foil helps save the juices.......which i then poured some into the foil, when i foiled the brisket.....the steam from it, really helps in keeping the brisket moist and tender.....

then save the rest to use in Dutch's beans........


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Excellent-Thank You......If I can I'll send some pictures.........
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sunday........brisket and football! god i love this country!!!!!!!
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.... and you didn't invite me .... icon_cry.gif
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Me too!! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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sunday- ribs,fatty,more garlic, & football of course.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Sunday - Kielbasa and a Fatty for apps for football.

i was thinking about doing ribs but my buddy decided we're all going out for his birthday to a german restaurant. if im up early enough i might do 1 rack for the 1:00 games
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Doing two butts Sat. night for Sunday afternoon, and 4 whole chiks (spatchcock), and prob. 10-12 turkey legs for the better halfs birthday (ripe old age of 28)...shhhhh don't tell her I told you all.

Going have some beer, football, and a bunch of close friends over...gotta work tonight, but been looking forward to this weekend all month icon_mrgreen.gif
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Pics from the grill..

The fatty with the cheese in it split, but it still tastes delicious...

Sorry for the crappy cellphone pic, I've got a bunch of people doing some work on my house today so I didn't want to run in and get the camera and get in their way.

Ribs are in foil now with a little beer in their for moisture, probably keep em in their for about an hour or so and then smoke em for one more hour just in time for dinner at 6!
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thats gooood times, right there!
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It is a big weekend here. Bought all my goodies today.

4 racks of Babybacks.
1 small pork Tenderloin
1 package of Buffalo wings (to grill)
Ingredients for Dutch's beans
Ingredients for modified abt's (using red ,yellow and green bell peppers)
Tomorrow I will pick up a nice salmon fillet for teriyaki cedar plank salmon with pesto.

Going to rub the ribs tonight and soak them in pineapple juice overnight.

Tomorrow I will smoke the ribs (2-2-1) and assemble and cook the beans. Also tomorrow I will marinate the salmon in Very Very Yaki Teriyaki sauce (overnight)

The reason for all the cooking is because all the food is coming to Gillette Stadium on Sunday to watch The Patriots Lay the lumber to the Bills (without cheating). Tailgating at it's finest. icon_mrgreen.gif

I will be documenting everything and making a thread about it when it's all said and done. (Probably Monday since I'm not driving Sunday which means I don't have to count beers)PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Any tips on reheating the ribs. They will be fully cooked and wrapped in foil. Should I just drop the foil packs on the grill to reheat? We will have a Large charcoal grill and a small propane one to cook on at the game.
Thanks and happy smoking this weekend !!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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picslook good to me. great smoke.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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hhookk I would reheat in the foil in the grill, I did that last week after a 3-2-0 and they came out great on the reheat.

Smoking Dutch's Beans and Deep frying a 14 and 16lb Turkey. I will probably toss on a pack or 2 of hot dogs to keep the beans company on the smoker. I love smoked Oscar Meyer hot dogs.. We cut them up and toss in some BBQ sauce and serve as apps...
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