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Flamed <seared> rib steaks

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Did some rib steaks last night. Big, thick honkers, durn near an inch.

Trimmed some fat off the tails and diced it up. Placed in fry pan with dried anchos, C.B.P., fresh diced onion, fresh chopped garlic. Rendered out fat, while browning.

Used entire pan contents as a rub with a bunch of kosher salt added. I mean like half a cup. Let sit under/on paper towels for 3 hours.

Using warm tap water, rinsed off rub/salt mix, patted dry and left in fridge over night.

Next day gave 'em my standard rub then built a rather hot apple/hickory fire and seared the crap outta 'em for maybe 2 min a side. The fatty edges were crisp.

Finished over the coals with added charcoal after a short cooling time...while the wood died down.

Tell ya freakin' whut... best steaks I have ever made. I realize that's not exactly meaning much to alla you who have never had a steak here, but if my bro Marktee reads this, I think he'll vouch!

And no..they were not too salty. The salt draws some moisture out while drawing the rub flavors INTO the meat, and the sear seals it. Give 'er a run! I would suggest a well marbled steak, of course.
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Best I can do...Umm from Willy Wonka..."smell-o-vision"?
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I think we need a new more getting me all excited over a steak and then not have any pic's??? Sound's like they were good though!
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i second that.......hehehehe

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Sounds great Rich, glad you enjoy the steaks - but what's C.B.P.? Carrots, broccoli and potatoes? icon_question.gif
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C.racked B.lack P.epper

Maybe need to get it into the glossary thingie? Of course any black pepper should be fresh cracked, tho...
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here here on the fresh cracked black pepper........
i bout one of those McCormack Black Peppercorn i can take to the resturants.......i don't like when they have a dude grind it for you........GIVE ME THAT.......I WILL DO IT MYSELF......heheheh

this way.......i always have fresh CBP

the Medley also and black all in one grinder

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I second it... T. Jeff?
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DUH! I should have guessed! I am sooo bad with acronyms!
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Methinks that's a pretty minor flaw, Miz Debi. Yer pretty good at most everthing else!
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Why thank you Rich, but I do get my words confuzzled sometimes too!
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