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[quote=Walking Dude;88548]yeah......shellbac.......and the captain was a former marine

Doubt that!!! Once a Marine....

LOVE your signature........tho thats a NAVAL term......smoking lamp is lite......LOLOL

We use that term a lot too! Standing in formation we'd get smoking lamp is lit, everyone scrambles to find a smoke and get it lit and a couple puffs before smoking lamp is out again!
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but WHERE do you think that saying first got started?
in fact........the navy was LONG in existance before jarheads was even thougth about..

and they're called dixie cups.........LOLOL
cept now my boy in inland now........he has to wear a marine cover.....poor kid

prob. be damaged for life, over THAT psychological torture


good times had by all

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au contrere mon frere....unless you consider less than a month a LONG time????? Heck we're only 5 month's behind the Army!!! We have the proud reputation of being created at Tun Tavern...wonder why we are the way we are!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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prob. right......needed SOMEONE to swab the decks


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the marine mag. wants your SEA stories.........wonder how the marines GOT to sea?

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No, it took Congress less than a month to realize the "swabbies" needed protection and had the Continental Marines formed and assigned to the two ships that the Continental Navy had at the time...it only took until the 1990's for the Marine security details assigned to the Naval fleet to be permanently removed from Naval Ships. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

Definition of squid: Lowest form of Marine life! icon_mrgreen.gif
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SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO icon_razz.gif

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tho i noticed shellbac........no response on the url i posted.........

HEHEHHEE wink.gif

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All joking aside, I respect all branches, my dad was in the *cough* Navy, mighty surprised when his little girl joined the USMC! I especially respect the Navy Corpsman, they have save many lives risking their own...here's a little poem I wrote after the USS Cole was bombed...hey Walking Dude, let me know how you feel after reading it...


One more quick story about the Marines on ship...
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I'm sure the bell bottom dungarees with square pockets has already taken care of that for him!!!! icon_razz.gif
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nice poem........did you write that

the other link



match you win.........

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Yep, wrote it shortly after it happened...tried to write it from the perspective of being a parent with a child in harms way. (Keim was my maiden name)
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one last dig...do you know why the Navy uses powdered soap in the shower? Takes longer to pick up.
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oh youuuuuuu youuuuuuuuuuu

i WAS going to be nice and let it lay........but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

you HAD to have the last werd.........okay.........

wd takes his guantlet off and throws it to the ground.......

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Sorry guys but after the Navy drops of the Marines they punch a hole for the soldiers to come in and take over the important task of winning the war.GO ARMY!PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif

P.S.Every person in uniform who takes up the gun to defend this country is my hero.
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Why does the army have mules.......

and the Navy have marines.......

army got first choice

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Marines are good for two things, Guarding gates and catching bullets and I have to admit they've done a hell of a job guarding gates. Not a single one has come up missing since their inception. Thankfully, they're not as adapt at the other thing.

I also call BS on the lighthouse thing.. That most certainly was not the USS Abraham Lincoln. It's a west coast ship, and I left it in 1993 :) Is a funny joke though.

We had a MarDet on the Lincoln for security. Most of em were pretty kewl guys, doing the job as they were trained. Out in town or on the beach they were fun to hang around with, because they always had a Napoleon complex. Short man syndrome or something. Lots of good fights, some won, some lost, but always for no real reason. Most of the Captain's Masts were for the MarDet guys. Reminded me of the typical redneck. Instant *******, just add alcohol :)
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Best exchange ever....

Leatherneck -- SEALS are only good for 1 thing. Balancing balls on their noses...

SEAL -- Want me to demonstrate with one of yours...
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you're killing me here


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ARMY - Ain't Ready to be a Marine Yet! Maybe another 232 years! PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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