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Brisket !!

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Good Morning .. man it seem like forever since i have been able to get on ..
but i back at it .. i am in the process of building my own smoker .. will get pix up of that soon . but on to todays menu. at my school all of us teachers do an after payday lunch and someone said we should do Q.. SO I chimed in and said i'd do a brisket.. actually 2. so evan though these are like number 11& 12 for me . these will be my first to serve to public.. cross fingers...
my question today is will there be any differance in the two .. one is on top rack and second is on lower rack on the water pan? just wondering if i need to treat it differently .. both have temp probs.
here are the prep pix ..

the one on the left has a new rub on it ..
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i have an offset, so i can't help ya on the water pan thing. i have done 2 at once before, side by side. they both turned out great. hopefully someone will be by shortly that has a vertical and can help you.
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I don't know how easy it would be to switch them part way through the cook if you found they were not cooking "evenly". I have used multiple racks in m GOSM and not had to switch racks. This might be a new experience for you, but one that will "teach" you something new about your smoker. (Teacher humor - I'm one too!)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I find my very top rack is hotter than my other racks and the one right above the water pan is coolest. I just place things in their accordingly.

I did pull the whole rack out once and move it, but it helps to have an empty spce to move it too.
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Ok man crazy day.. i have about an hour .. on time had both temp go out on me.. my digital just keeps comming up HI and blinking. i dont know..
thanks for all the help i'll put the finished pix up soon..
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here is a pic of a slice off one . i didn't get any full shots i snipped this off and went the the icechest with them.. more pic to come..
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