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Smoking baked beans

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I am smoking a pork shoulder Friday and wanted to try some baked beans. I have the Wicked Baked Bean recipe but I never smoked beans, I read that you can cook the beans under the meat. Is this the best way or should I try something else? Thanks for the help.biggrin.gif
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As I don't have an upright smoker, I can't try the under the meat method. However you do it though, those beans will most likely be the best you've ever had. Personally I just put mine in the smoke, stirred every time I turned the meat or basted and they were wunnerful! I'm making a double recipe for a Labor day/grammas b-day picnic. I wish I could haul my CG down there, but I don't think the plastic wheels will take to the highway very well as she prolly won't fit in my civic.icon_sad.gif
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Thanks alot for the info, I have a Char-Griller also, I works ok, still figuring it out. Thanks again
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not a problem. You mod your CG? or is it still untouched by meddling hands?
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Under the meat would be for a vertical smoker. In your CharGriller, I would put them right next to the fire box. Stir them about once an hour, 'cause that's the hottest part in the smoker.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Ya' beat me to it meowey! Another reason to put them at that end of the smoker is, if you haven't done any mods to the CG yet, this will sorta act as a baffle and help keep grate temps controllable.

Good luck!
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I am planning to do some mods that I found on homebbq soon. Thanks for the help. Can't wait to try the beans.
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