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and i'm choking over $2 a lb for not so great packers.... now i know what i'm doing for labor day smoke.
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Up here in Washington I've been paying $1.68 a pound at Walmart. I bought a 6 pack case of them a couple of weeks ago for $1.60 a pound from my favorite BBQ place. I've been helping them with their computers and website and they offered to let me purchase a case of briskets when they placed their next order. These briskets seem to be way better then the ones I've been getting from Walmart. I now only have 5 left and will probably be down to 4 after this weekend. I should be done converting my old refer into a smoker by then. I'll post some photos when I get it done. I'm just waiting on some steel flashing to finish off the interior. Sorry, I got off track a bit.

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I lied... I just looked at the meat and it was not 3.84 it was 3.48.. A trimmed flat was 3.99# Still no where near what people are paying in other parts of the state.
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The 8.5# flat in my fridge cost me $2.86/lb, which is an absolute steal in suburban Chicago. I'm insanely jealous of people paying under two bucks a pound. The only thing I can find that cheap out here is pork butt.
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