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Boston Butt Leftovers: What to do with it! - Page 2

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Pulled Pork Fatties

Grind it once through the coarse plate for Pulled Pork Hash

Pulled Pork Omelet or Quiche (kick it up with hot sauce!)

Pulled Pork and Beans with Bacon, Pulled Pork and Bean Soup with Bacon

Chopped Pulled Pork, Cheese and Fruit Hors d'oeuvres

Pulled Pork and Dill Dip (like a dried beef dip)

Pulled Pork and Horseradish (Horseradish goes great with EVERYTHING!)

Pulled Pork and Chicken Livers





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Lots of good Ideas here

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Originally Posted by Flash View Post

What is this 'leftovers' of which you speak confused.gif

I was wondering that too.  biggrin.gif

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I have a bunch leftover pulled pork from my last smoke which is vacuum packed in my freezer. I will likely make some pulled pork stuffed jalepenos wrapped with bacon using some of it. The rest will likely get thawed and used for more sandwiches unless you guys give me more ideas!

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Hey Sin, with all due respect, Monty is right... an authentic Brunswick stew has squirrel or's a staple down here....not that left over pork wouldn't make a real good substitute!!!

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The "southern stew you were talking about is actually called "Brunswick Stew". originated from Brunswick, Georgia. It is delicious and is made with pork, onions, tomato juice, celery corn peas whatever you wanna throw in it lol

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actually I have always been told is was hog head

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I take left over butt, and and shredded cabbage and bbq sauce cut with some apple cider vinegar. Mix it in a bowl and roll it up in an egg roll wrapper. Fry in a inch of oil until crisp. This can't be beat.
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I freeze in sandwich bags and just take for lunch whenever i feel like it.

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Heres the link for my go to Brunswick Stew recipe, everybody loves it!! Oh, if you're a guy, nevermind the name for this recipe, it's just great stew!thumb1.gif

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