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Spare Rib prep question

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When prepping the ribs for smoking, I know you have to yank off the membrane thats on the bone side of the ribs. Now, what I'm having a hard time with is getting the membrane away from that flap of meat on the bone side (runs diagonally across the bones), and the membrane just above it. any tips on how to get rid of the membrane? or should I just be happy with being able to get most of it and be done?
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Get as much off as possible. I've eaten a lot of ribs, that I cooked, that didn't have the membrane removed and they turned out fine.
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good to know, thanks!
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Brennan, just my technique, I cut the "flap" off of spares (use 'em for tasters during the smoke). Then, get a regular kitchen knife and insert it under the membrane at the end of the bones. Using a paper towel for the grip, just pull the membrane off. It may not come off in one piece, but so what, keep at it.

And as Shortone said, ribs will be fine with the membrane still on. Good luck and dont forget the pics!
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Not all ribs are the same. On some the membrane comes off more easily then others. Use something to keep it from slipping, like a paper towel, do the best you can but don't let it become a chore.
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Allright, i'm gonna start some chit here,icon_twisted.gif but removing the membrane is not that big a deal! Smoking low n slow will all but shrink and deteriate that membrane (let the stuff flyPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif ) Get off as much as you can and rub em down.
BTW, that flap is called the brisket, like crewdawg, i cut that off, rub and smoke seperate.....nice snack for the cookPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Good luck and post some pics!!
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glad bubba posted it first.i never remove the membrane & it just disappears low & slow,besides if there is any left onthe bone- the dog loves it more.
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Thanks Bro, let em stick the knives in my back!!!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif lol
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I'll still call it the flap..............PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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better a knife in the back than a fork in the eye lol
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Ribs are going on now, I'll post pics soon.
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Here we go! ribs went on about 15 min ago. Here's the wood I've been using recently

and heres my lil rib roll so it fits on the smoker

And just for fun, Here's the little one. She just started smiling about a week ago.

And bath time, Doggy style!
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Mighty fine lookin "future smokeress" ya got there! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Good lookin Corgie too.
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cute lil' 1 ya got there.
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If you remove that "flap" and square up the ribs, you're preparing Kansas City style ribs. The membrane is removed easiest from the short end, and gripped with a paper towel or even an oven mitt, but throw it in the wash. Nice looking young 'un, mine all have four legs, not two.
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My .02 worth. I had never removed the membrane until I went to the gathering in Clinton and seen it done there. We removed it there, and I'm going to try it again on a slab or two to compare, but I pretty much agree that it doesn't make much difference just personel prefference. I've eaten way more with it on than with it removed. Even cold out of the fridge as a snack their good.
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Great lookin kid, My Grand Daughter will be one on the 19th.

Here is a video on removing the membrane from YouTube
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OK, call me crazy, but would a tool like you buy to skin catfish with work here?????, seems like the same goal, get the skin off?
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Great smile on the little one and those ribs don't look half bad either.
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IMHO they would work, the object is to remove the membrane, anything to "Git R Done".
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