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Fathers day roast!!

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Happy fathers day DadsPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I am smoking my first roast today, and having a few cold ones watching the race. Here are some pictures rubbed with some onion powder, & garlic powder. Oh Ya!, and you can't do a smoke without a couple of fattys for sammiches.

more pics. to follow
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Sorry I was in a hurry with the picture post. The roast is a black angus eye of round, about 2.5#, with 2 jimmy deans maple sausage fatties. Everything is smellin so good. Just about ready to take off the fattys.
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Ummmmmmmmm sounds really good! Enjoy!
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Well here we are at hour 3. pulled fattys and decided to add some boneless chicken breasts rubbed with jeff's rub.

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now that fatty looks good, im planning on smoking one this week to see how it turns out.
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Here are the final pictures. The roast was a little dry, it was very lean to start with (Angus). I pulled it at 174°, I probably should have pulled it at 155°/160°
all in all it turned out alwright, I still got compliments from my mother and wife.

The chicken was pulled sooner, and was delicious and juicy

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Sounds like a great smoking adventure, Brian. Congrats.
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Seems weird looking at a smoke without the familiar rub on most everything. I personally think that the rub helps lock in some of the juices and imparts a nice compliment to the smoke.

And whats up with the half empty smoker...?!?! PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif

Just kidding....I'm personally usually trying to shoe horn in an extra roast or chicken, but I smoke to have meat for the entire week... but everyone knows I have issues when it comes to smoking.

If you're cooking Angus - you are way ahead of me. I'm definitely jealous.

Great job on a really good looking smoke!!!
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Looks really good Brian. When you have a really lean piece of meat you could try injecting it with a bit of butter or olive oil with your favorite spices and it'll help keep it moist. Wrapping helps to after a few good hours of smoke.

Good job!
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putting strips of bacon over the top also helps a lean piece of meat
stay moist
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Yes I wanted to lay bacon strips on the roast, but on the way home from the store I realized that I forgot to buy it.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif next time.
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