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Peace, Love, & Barbecue - Page 2

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This is my first bbq book that I bought. Lots of great recipes and excellent stories, I love it...and I absolutely hate readingPDT_Armataz_01_27.gif .
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Lots of info in here along with a great run-down of BBQ history and where its all happening. Lots of great tips and stories. Hard to put down....just a great book.
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Mills' PEACE/LUV/Q is good...Kirk has many recipes...BACKYARD BBQ by Rich McPeake is 'skinny' compared to the other two....but has a few little tidbits..

The BOOK I CONSTANTLY FIND MYSELF going BACK TO is....SMOKE & SPICE by Cheryl and Bill Jamison...

Dang...wish I could get someone to watch my kids for 40 minutes so I could go buy some meat to smoke NOW!!!!!!!
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