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After reading a lot here in the past week I took my new grill and grilled/smoked a few pork tenderloins. Put a little dry rub of cayenne,garlic, pepper,brownsugar and some hickory chips.

The wife asked for seconds (rarely happens) and my daughter did too (never happens).

I should have took some pics but we ate them up too quick.

Thanks to all here for the great advice and inspiration.

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It's always a plus when they come back for more. One lesson learned here, you have to be quick with the camera when the bbq is done! Congrats on a successful smoke!!
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Hello Ron and your welcome!

Why don't you run over to Roll Call and tell us a little about yourself so we can all greet you properly?
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one truth about a good smoke is noone leaves the table until they are stuffed or all the food is gone. If your not quick with the camera it's too late when it hits the table.
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Great job, would love to see some picks!!
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