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Cajun Roast Beef

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I started a 7# eye of round roast beef this morning to make Cajun roast beef for Po Boy sandwiches for tomorrow’s family dinner. Here is the roast straight out of the cry o vac pac.

Since this is for sandwiches I don’t want much fat on it. I trimmed the fat and silvery stuff like a membrane off and got my stuff for the rub ready.

Here it is all rubbed and ready to hit the smoker.

When it’s finished today it will get foiled and cooled overnight for slicing thin tomorrow morning. I take it to 180* for a well done roast for sandwiches. 170* gives a light pink center if you prefer. I save the juices and mix them with water, milk and Tony’s creole gravy mix for a gravy to pour on and dip the Po Boys in.

I’ll try to get pics after I slice it tomorrow, but it gets pretty hectic around here on Sunday mornings.
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Look's good. Good luck with the pics!
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Can'twait To See It. I'm Curious About An Eye Roast. They Are Pretty Lean.
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Yep, IMO they are good for two things. Cutting into steaks, beating flat and making chicken fried steaks, Or going low and slow on the smoker then slicing into sandwich meat.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I love them both ways, but my cardiologist prefers the smokedrolleyes.gif
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That's a nice hunk of meat ... looking forward to the pics ... don't forget!icon_wink.gif
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Sounds like a great plan about to come together. Can't wait to hear and see the results. Have fun.
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Dang Cajun, we will be right there after church tommorow if it's ok. icon_wink.gif

Looks like it will be fantastic!!!!smile.gif
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Wow that looks great. Can we get a peek at them now, that a little nibble?
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If you can get here, you are always welcomeicon_biggrin.gif

This is the best I can do right now Cheech. More porn to followicon_mrgreen.gif

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That looks like it will be fantastic....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I have a top round roast going in to find the camera and get the batteries charged up...biggrin.gif
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OOOOOOOOOOO Yummmmmmmmmmm Looks good.

I like to cut them into 2 inch thick steaks and make moc Filet Mignons.
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OK here are the after pics for you guys. This pic shows half the roast in the cooling foil. I scrape all the drippings into the pot that I make the gravy in.

And then a pic of the meat sliced. It gets real tender after it rests overnight.

And finally a picture of all the meat after I finished slicing it with some french loaves to make the sandwiches on.

Don’t forget to thin slice your tomatoes, lettuce and onions while your slicer is out. It makes quick work out of the job and makes all your fixings a consistent size.
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Man that looks good!

Do you saute your onions in butter first, maybe through some thinly peppers in there and a hunk of mild cheese?

Okay I'm hungry!

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Wow! ... from the looks of that, you could open your own Deli ...

Nice job icon_smile.gif
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Rodgers Cajun Deli.....Has a nice ring to it....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Rodger ,I don't care much for lean cuts of roast beef,but man that does look FINE !! oh man more thing I gotta try PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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