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It's that time of year again....

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so now I've got 5 bottom round roasts brining and getting ready to make into corned beef and pastrami......... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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mmmmm mm. i love both, but my wife doesn't like either one. so it is store bought for me.
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Smokey's meat market! You go boy!

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we love both and this recipe is awsome (I stole it from randyq off his site btw.....) the corned beef makes AWSOME reuben sandis as well.....another favorite amongst "most" of the family.......the girl is just too damn pickey and that is her loss!!!! icon_evil.gif
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in fact, a little food pre porn.....here they are after brined, drained and first rub (curing rub) applied.....then off to the fridge for at least a week.....

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That's some hellaous fod porn!
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and to think...some gals get mad at us guys for porn.... PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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looking good Smoked, I didn't know you could use any cut other than brisket for corned beef/pastrami. Be sure and show us some finished pics.
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oh yea....london broil, bottom round, top round etc....heck you can even use turkey breast or almost anything to corn and make into pastrami.....for me....bottom round is the king, it's the right size especially for sandies!!!! and another reason why I insisted on my newest slicer to be 9 inch blade!!!!!!!! will post more porn of this as time goes on.....takes min week of curing.....min.........garage fridge is basically dedicated right now icon_lol.gif
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So where can I find the recipe for making corn beef?
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Bring on that porn...
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You can try this one - but when it's done don't use the rub!


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Wow Smoked that looks great,,, so u say use a london broil to make pastrami ?? looking forward to those final pics.......thanks ,,,charlie
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you can use london broil to make it...hell you can use a turkey breast to make it.....but for me, personally....I like to use bottom round roast....and they are looking and smelling good in the garage fridge right now.......really good..... icon_mrgreen.gif
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News to me too. And just when I thought I knew it all.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif Actually I knew pastrami could be made from anything, but I thought corned beef was exclusive to the brisket. I guess it's kind of like saying hot dogs HAVE to be all beef. Of course if you want a GOOD hot dog, it does have to be all beef. I've had turkey pastrami and it's quite yummy.
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well it will be several more days......they don't cure over night ya know!!! icon_wink.gif
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Well I've made all my patramis from briskets but they can be kinda ify. One will be really lean and nice the next one will have a hidden strip of fat. That's why I strated splitting them apart. But when they're in the plastic it's hard to tell.

Smoked gonna give that a try next pastrami!

You are gonna show us Pix when there done right???
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yup....I'll take some porn for you.....
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bumpity bump... what ever happened here smoke?..lol

did you take any porn for us?
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