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here is the brisket i smoked today. took 12 hours, rested for 2. then sliced flat and chopped the point. here is the (food) porn.
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looks good chris....I missed you on the chat......was over at butcher packer ordering more stuff I think I need :-)
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Looks mighty tastey as usual Chris!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Lookin good chris.
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Very nice Chris!
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Looks like crap! Send it to me and I'll "dispose" of it for you. You can't feed your wife & little one something like that! I'll even pay for postage to help "them" out. :)

I like the looks of that bark & smoke ring.

Good job chris.

I'll drink to that
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lol, ty al. thanks all for the comments. doing a boneless boston butt this weekend.
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Nice job love the ring
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Looks great Chris! Now I'm hungry.
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