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storing peppers

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what will be the best way to keep the peppers i hope i get out of my garden? i want to be able to just grab a jar/can/whatever and stuff and smoke 'em.
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I have the best luck pickling my peppers. I grow serrano, jalapeno, Indian, and of course bell peppers. I pickled the peppers and they seam to hold up better. But maybe someone else has a better idea.
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You can make various sauce recipes or string them up to hang dry and then process into a powder that can be added to other dry seasonings or added to your favorite dishes.
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Storing Peppers

chris -

You can pickle or freeze them. Keep in mind if you add 1 hot pepper to a quart of say green bell peppers they'll all be somewhat hot.

Freezing works well if you fry them but they will get limp.
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i guess i better read up on pickling and stuff, eh.
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I could give you Mama's recipe when your ready.
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Chris, we can ours bread N butter style. We use the same recipe we use for our pickles. They are fantastic. We also freeze them. We don't do anything to them either, and they thaw just fine. The best way we have found is to put them on a cookie sheet in a single layer and freeze them solid, then pack into a zip-lock. This way they don't freeze all stuck together and if we need 2, we take 2 out, if we need more, we take more out. This freezing technique came right from our county extension office.
Check with your extension office, and ask them about canning classes. Most offer a 1 or 2 day class once a year. They'll teach you the latest canning stuff, and check your gauge on your pressure cooker and your therms to make sure it's accurate. My wife never misses a class.
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Gunny is certainly right about the extension service. They are great folks and will do a lot of things for you.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good eating

There is nothing like canned meat (i.e. venison) with some bacon grease on the top. Any one else try this?
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Never done that. But I do bow fish and have canned pickled carp. Stop turning up your nose. It's very good. And I've canned salmon I caught on Traverse Bay in Northern MI.
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Pickles fremented

A guy from work was telling me to take a jar of dill pickles place a cup of sugar in the jar, mix up the jar once a day for a week and after a week you have some great tasting pickles.

Have you heard of this before?
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I believe it's called sweet dill pickles.
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Sounds right to me Cheech!


You take Duh lessons from me or what?

(Debi thankfully takes foot out of her mouth and places it in Cheechs)
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Another thing you can do is add some horseradish along with the sugar to them, it is very good!!

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You must try.

Canned meat (venison or beef) some bacon grease and a bit of salt is absolutely wonderful. It looks awful but tastes great
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I just vaccume seal mine. Keeps from one season to the next with no freezer burn.
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Cheech -

I have never canned meat so I am trying to understand this principle ...

I am picturing a Ball jar full of venison covered in bacon grease? This doesn't even make sense to me I must be missing something.

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The bacon grease seals cooked food inside a container. Ususally the fat used is clarified butter. I suppose lard works just as well.

The most notable food preserved this way is potted shrimp.
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Still sounds disgusting.
I've heard of wax to seal, but fat?
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I'm with you Guns...
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