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after brining

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My question before was vague.Once I have brined my cornish hens,
How long can I leave the chickens before I have to smoke?Is it
alright to smoke the next day.

Thanks again everyone
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it wasn't vague to me. i don't know the answer, but maybe you should post it in the poultry section.
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Re: after brining

Welcome to SMF.
I would say if wrapped tightly and left in the fridge, it would be fine. As long as it's not left long enough to go bad. Also remember that the premise behind a great smoke is low and slow, so I THINK you need to add that time to the perishable life of the meat. In other words; if a chicken will stay fresh for 3 days in the fridge, I think you should start smoking it within 2. Meat can and has gone bad during the smoking process. Meat tenderizes while aging, and I believe that aging doesn't stop as soon as the meat hits the grates. I have heard that the best meat is processed and packed within a few days of going bad.
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