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Anyone awake?

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Hello smokers!

working a smoke right now - 1:38 my time here in MN (i'm off tomorrow)

I didn't have a lot of time to prepare my Butt tonight - wife called and said we were having people over on Saturday and she wanted some pulled pork...I got her on at 6pm and the temp is now 166* almost ready to wrap in foil

I will try to get pics...or I might stuff it in the oven to finish (I'm also about 10 adult beverages into the smoke((decided to take 'er easy tonight)))
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Sounds good Geigs lets see some pics/ Ive never done a butt around here brisketts and ribs are more popular, I do bologna logs and gabbage a lot. The only problem i have is when i smell smoke the long necks jump into my hands.
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Hehe, I've started early, but never that early!
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Yikes. Go to sleep!
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Re: Anyone awake?

Don’t forget that Finishing Sauce! wink.gif
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