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Bought the little portable grill this weekend and then drove by one of my favorite meat stores and found tenderloin roasts on sale for $9.99 a #. I know that I can make 3 filet mignon out of 1 # of roast so I bought a 2# roast and made 6 :D . That means each steak costs less than $3.50. 8)

Here is some pics of em.

First real meat to hit the grate;

After first flip. (7 minutes)

On my plate after another 10 min. With a baked potato and some Esau's sweet corn;

Love this little grill :D Been a long time since I cooked on a small charcoal grill.
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Re: Tenderloin

Now that looks delicious wink.gif
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Re: Tenderloin

Two good scores Roger! Your little grill, and some well priced tenderloins! Nice looking combo!!
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Re: Tenderloin

Rodger, You are such a tease :)

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