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Brisket Pics

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Cookin' a brisket, and thought y'all might like to see.
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Re: Brisket Pics

Looks good so far Noah. Do you use two thermometers in the meat while cooking. If so Why. I just bought one. Should I get a second..?
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Re: Brisket Pics


I just got a digital camera and have tried to send a picture but am having no luck! PlEASE tell me how you did it????

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SmokeMack....u beat me to the question!!..LOL
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I usually only use one, but the flat is thinner than usual. I just don't want to over cook it, so I have a therm in each part. As far as the pics, I'm not an expert, but I down loaded a picture resizer, which allows me to shrink the pics. Most of the photo software now has a resizer, but mine is a little older than most.
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That's pretty. The weekends are so much fun around here. The weekdays are more theorizing, the weekends are all action! :)
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Re: Brisket Pics

Just saw your post Noah,

Brisket looks GooooooooD. How long has it been going?

Edit: DUH, just reread your post and saw that you said 6 hours.
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Re: Brisket Pics

Noah, I do like to see AND I like what I see! :D Thanks for the picture.
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Seems like everybody was cooking briket on Sunday. Good looking hunk o meat you got going. I would think it is finished by now, any chance of seeing the finished product? Better yet, any chance of samples being shipped?
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Looking good, Noah! Good idea on using two thermos, especially with the thinness of the one side. My dad would call that a door stop brisket, wedge it under a door and it ain't going nowhere no how! :D
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