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Hey bud,

It'll dig 8 feet deep and as it's set up right now it digs 10" wide. Four wheel drive and like a mountain goat. If the apocalypse came tomorrow, I'd take my 4wd Cummings Dodge 2500 and my ditch witch. If I couldn't drive through it I could push it out of the way.
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Rodger, As my Dad (WWII Navy Vet) used to call 'em "Squids with Bats"! :P Of course my Dad loved to tease my Uncle (Retired Marine Corp Officer) with "over 200 years of guarding Navy gates, the Marines have done a fine job- no gates have ever been stolen!
My Uncle's retort was "the Navy wasn't capable of guarding anything that didn't pitch and roll with the deck". :lol:
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Re: Rainy Day Solution

Quite the workhorse, Rodger! When the guy I hired to dig my water line came he brought along a Cat 320 excavator. Said he had worked in this area before and knew what needed to be done. He was right!
Thanks to New England's most prolific ground crop, rocks, we had to change the route twice and I ended up with a lot of huge boulders sitting on top of my yard. All pink granite! Sold them to a dude from downcountry who owned property on a sharp corner. So I made out.
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Re: Rainy Day Solution

LOL Dutch,

We use to have a lot of fun with our Jarhead brother's too. :mrgreen:


If you had those pink granite boulders down here you could make a killing. People have gone rock crazy. :roll:
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Re: Rainy Day Solution

Weeeelllll, trust me, Rodger, when I say that the killing was made in my own back yard! That was seven years ago and the silly flatlander heard that I was getting ready to build a new house and a couple of barns and contacted me to say that if any digging pulled up more pink rocks he wanted them! Go figure! I'll be gentle! :mrgreen:
Any way you can confirm cherry delivery?
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Real nice idea with the stove pipe..sure would have saved the day here more than once...got to catch up on things here..been on vac..time to get back to the salt mines tonight

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Re: Rainy Day Solution

The more I have thouoght about it the more I am convinced that the mod actually helped the process. You see I was able to point the elbow away from the wind. I think this caused a slight vacuum effect which drew more smoke to the meat.
Going to try it this coming weekend with a couple of butts, some beer can chicken and whatever else falls prey to my devices. (Could be interesting!)
Best O'Luck!
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Hey Monty, I think you forgot to add the "BWA HA HA" evil laugh at the end of your sentence. :P
Good luck with your experimenting!
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Re: Rainy Day Solution

Aw, c'mon, Dutch! Still trying to make up for my jerky flop! But will otherwise keep the faithful informed!
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Re: Rainy Day Solution

You growin pot again there srmonty?? :) Just kidding. I too served in the Navy and my fiance is 2nd in charge of guarding all the kiddies and school properties in a suburb of Denver. Btw, how ya like that dakota? Mine's a 99 and has had just about every moving part in the drivetrain replaced and at 140k miles is practically brand new now :)

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That smoker looks too clean... Need to dirty it up a bit. :)
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I like the idea of the elbow. I didn't smoke a couple of times because they said it was going to rain. But it didn't start untill really late in the evening. Now if I had one of those fancy rain blocker's I would of still been able to smoke. I also like the idea of being able to point the opening away from the wind. My 2 cents about the blue smoke.... When I smoked for the first time I over filled my smoker pan I put in. I thought the more smoke the better. NOT!!! After reading a few threads about how much smoke is needed I realized how wrong I was with all that smoke. Now I use just one chunk at a time, and I get a nice Thin Blue Smoke. I was sooo jazzed when I seen it for the first time. I'm getting there, one step at a time.
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Glad you like the idea, Bro!

My little spot in the mountains gets a good deal of rain and frequently it is really heavy; enough to get into the smoker and wash down product. And since I heat with wood I also have spare parts for my wood stove handy. Necessity is the mother of invention.

The added plus is the wind directional thing. Really helps draw up the smoke and help the whole process. I use it now rain or shine since we always have a W/NW wind blowing.

Happy Smoking
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I hope this doesn't sound too stupid, but what is that elbow called? And do you think I can get it at Home Depot?
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Not a problem, Michael!

It is called an elbow.
It might also be referred to as a "90" as in ninety degree bend.

At any length it is a six inch stove pipe "elbow" or "90". There are two types generally available. One is jointed and can be twisted to form anywhere from a 45 to a 90 degree angle. Stay away from that one. It is light metal and will pop apart if dropped. And the slightest breeze will knock it over.

The other style is solid 14 or 16 gauge steel. And sometimes rarely found in 18 gauge steel. The piece is solid pipe bent by "crinkling" it around the corner. One end is a full six inches in diameter and the other end is crimped to less than six inches to accomodate joining to the next piece.

The solid piece is heavier and rarely will tip over. The piece you see on my GOSM has stood up to some very stiff Vermont winds and has stood as you see it. It is not secured or fastened in any way. It just sits over the vent.

As for Home Depot carrying it in your area I cannot say for sure. How big is the wood stove business in your area? You might have to either special order the piece (They may want to sell you a case of six) or take a ride into the countryside.

The going price in this area right now is about six bucks.

Hope this helps!

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Sorry I missed this post six months ago! My Dakota is an '01 and runs strong. It has 94K on it and takes everything the Vemont climate can dish out. I run a special winter tire branded "Winter Force" with a special directional agressive tread and the grab is awesome!

Mine is the SLT model with many bells and whistles. Best of all is that it has true universal function in 4WD. Between getting around my own property, answering the call to go plow snow at 3 AM (Think about it, the roads don't get plowed till I get to work!) and hauling a boat and /or a load of wood around my little Dakota is a workhorse I will keep for a long time!

Oh, and no major repairs to this point! Just the normal service.

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Nice rain break there SrMonty! I'm sure it'll work well.

Glad to hear you all are having such good luck with your Dakotas. I've got a 92 that I just went over 52k with. Yes you read that right 52,000. Had it's first tune up last summer! icon_lol.gif
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52K??? That puppy isn't even broken in, yet!
Best of luck with her!

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Those birds must have a fun time crawling through that Dutchicon_lol.gif
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Debi, it might be time for new tires. Not from use, but DRY ROT :)
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