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This being one of my favorite foods, I keep coming back to this. Meatloaf from the grates, anybody know of a way to do this without using a pan to start it off? I am trying to expose as much of the meat to the smoke as possible, and figure that the meat in the bottom of the pan is left out.
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Use a grill pan that has the small holes in it. Holes are large enough to let the smoke through but small enough to keep the meat load from falling through.
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Re: Meatloaf

i use a veggie pan

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I have that same pan. What a great idea!
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I now feel very stupid, I have the exact same pan, and use it often. Never thought of this application
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For those reading this that don't have that pan. Take a cheap foil pan and poke some holes in it, you'll get the same effect (I'm all about using what I have on hand instead of buying new equipment.)
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That may be the reason I never thought of this use. I originally purchased the pan to grill veggies. I never thought to use it in any other way.

{if you could see me, I am now slapping myself upside the head.}
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That pan also works great for smoking fajita meat and "kabob" meat. With the fajitas just throw meat and veggies in and smoke or grill away, very yummy!
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