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Smoked hambugers

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I was checking out some different ways to make up the hambuger patties and was thinging about putting some cheese in the middle of them, then smoking them. Has any on else done this before? As usual all advice and recipes would be welcome.

Thanks all
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Jake, my Bride bought me one of those nifty hamburger presses that make a square pattie. I like to thin slice some sharp cheddar and put it between two 1/4 pound square patties. When placing the cheese on the bottom pattie I leave about 1/4 inch of the edges exposed so that I can make a good seal. Sam doesn't like it when I make burgers like this using regular ground beef cuz I only get 2 burgers out of a pound. I have used extra lean and made my patties using 1/8 of a pound but they tend to be a bit dry.
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Also you can try chopped jalapeno peppers and pineapple mixed into the meat. I don't bother to smoke my burgers since to me that is a bad meatloaf, but they are great when grilled. I have also done sun dried tomato and cheese in the middle of burger patties.
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I have never smoked a hamburger, but I have smoked meat loaf. Since both of my smokers are indirectly fired, I don't think that you would get the heat needed to sear the meat. But give it a try and let us know how it comes out! Also, my wife makes the stuffed burgers with provolone and japs. Damn good stuff.
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Thansk everyone
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Re: Smoked hambugers

I don't remember if I've posted this here:

The burgers are filled with a compound bacon-onion butter

Smoked low-n-slow until 150-160*

Then grilled quickly to carmalize the outside for flavor & texture

And served up hot with all the fixin's

Some of the absolute best hamburgers! :D
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Is the hole in themiddle to keep them from puffing up while cooking? I always push a little dip into the middle for that reason.
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Re: Smoked hambugers

Yes, that's what it's for. It also makes for conversation. wink.gif When cooking low-n-slow the burgers don't "swell" up as much as grilling so you might try a few with and a few without, there's usually not much difference. However, when grilling burgers without smoking first, the hole is a lot more help keeping the burgers flatter.
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Re: Smoked hambugers


I have been grilling for a decade or two. I NEVER knew that. I even worked in restaurants for quite a few years.

Toooo cool wink.gif .

Take care,

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Some burgers for dinner tonight may be the call.
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Damn good looking burgers!
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My mouth waters whenever I look at those pics! I have some friends coming over on Sunday - smoked burgers it is!!!! Depending on how much ground beef I use, I always add some Dale's steak seasoning, some Lipton onion soup mix, garlic powder, freshly ground black pepper and finely chopped green pepper. Then after they're cooked, I mix some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and some Ranch dressing to use as a "special sauce" for topping the burgers with it (along with all the fixin's, of course!) Mmmmm Mmmmm! I'll remember to poke a hole in the center....I never knew that about burgers rising.
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Bob-BQN-my stomache says "GROWL" :D
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Well all the bugers were a hit and tastie. I put some cheddar and finly chopped onions in the middle and smoked for 3 1/2 hours and they were good.

Also did some of a buddy of mines homemade sausage (breasfeast) did them up in patties. Also wrapped up some ABT's with the sausage with cream cheese in the pepper.

Next is a brisket This will be a test and big from what I heard.

Thanks all for your thoughts and help
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Brisket should be no problem, just read up on the subject, get in the right mind set. Ask any questions you may have before you cook, like FAT CAP UP or DOWN? Lite you fire, smoke that brisket, eat a good dinner, ship some to Socal, I will give you a taste test. Take pics, and post the story to us.
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Sounds like sound advice Icemn62

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Well I did burgers last nite, after work. Tied the hole in the middle trick on 1/2 of the batch. Gotta admit, it works great. My son requested the jalapeno/pineapple burgers. Also grilled up some mushrooms for an added topping alongwith the usual suspects. All in All, the burgers were great.
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Re: Smoked hambugers

we've been smoking them for yrs, but we use ground sirloin that is 90%lean and 10 % fat, we use the same stuff to make jerky..
we put 1 teas S garlic powder
1 teas S Soy sauce
1 teas S Worchester sauce
2 Teas Ss ketchup
and any other seasoning that one likes can be tossed in,

We then mix it all together with 1 lb meat and let it set in the fridge for 24 hrs. After 24 hrs we make the burgers and freeze them and take them out as needed, my son also takes these burgers to college with him to cook in his appartment.
we do this with about 15 lbs and make enough burgers to last most of the summer.
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