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Wild Turkey

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Hello all, hope everyone had a great weekend. Ben had a lot of fun, he got a turkey while out hunting! This brings me to my question. I've read alot on here about smoking a domestic, butterball type turkey, but has anyone ever smoked a wild turkey? The main thing I'm concerned about is the fact that with wild turkeys you don't keep the skin when dressing it (from what I hear it's pretty nasty stuff). Without the skin on poultry I'm not sure how I would keep it moist in the smoker. The two things that immediatly come to mind are of course brining it (which I plan to do) and wrapping it in bacon. If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them.
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Re: Wild Turkey

hi jlloyd

i havent tried this yet but as soon as i kill a turkey i am going to soak the turkey breast in buttermilk overnite wrap with bacon and smoke it tastes a lot like a butterball turkey hope this helps
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Re: Wild Turkey

Lady J,

Here is a smoked turkey recipe from the National Turkey Federation.

National Turkey Federation Sweet Smoked Wild Turkey

Tell Ben congrats on getting that wily elusive bird!
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Re: Wild Turkey

Thanks Dutch,

The hunt was not as much of a challange as one may think. First off I killed a jake, which was in a group of 3 other jakes. They flew off of the roost and walked right toward my buddy and me. I had the trusty Winchester superX2 and my buddy had a bow. They were close before I could see a beard and waited to see if my buddy was ready, he could not draw so by this time they were real close. I shot it at 16 steps--they were 11 from from my buddy. Talk about exciting!!!! Can't wait to smoke it!!!!!!!
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is that 86 or 101 proof??
both will get the job done.
the 86 takes a little longer,
but not much.
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yo ben,
whats a super x 2---
a rifle or a shotgun??

is a step 3 feet??

how long and what choke is barrel if shotgun?

also what size pellets do you hunt turkey with??
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Larry, the Winchester Super X2 is a semi-auto shotgun. As for the particulars of the gauge, barrel length and choke I'll let Ben answer them since it's his gun.
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yo dutch,
that national turkey federation website
you posted-----its way cool!!

once again-
you have shared information

thank you!!!
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