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Used this yesterday on a ~11 pound picnic, my third ever smoke. The meat came out well, but I think this finishing sauce really helped because it would have been pretty bland for my tastes. I used Pappy's seasoning as it was all I had. My daughter loved it and she is normally quite picky! Thank you for posting!

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Tried it, died and went to Heaven, shared it with everyone there and I am glad to say that smoking meat is now allowed up here ;-)

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This post is what I was looking for to find out what a finishing sauce was I kept reading about finishing sauces in pulled pork recipes but never know what they were so thank you.
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My first ever butt is smoking right now, so I'm thrilled I stumbled upon this recipe. Thanks, Jeff!
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Greetings from Finland! Just cooked this sauce for upcoming restaurant day, got 12 pounds of porkneck in the fridge, brined and rubbed, ready to go for smoker tomorrow.Usually i don't use sauces, but i like my vinegar with pork..

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Sauce turned out fantastic, I highly recommend it!
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This sauce is amazing! Everybody loved it! I made one exception though, I am a beekeeper, so I have lots of honey most of the time, & I try honey with everything. I added a couple tablespoons of honey with this original recipe & WOW! Of course you can add more or less honey to suit your taste. I loved the original recipe the way it was, but the honey made such a beautiful melody with the vinegar...

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Good idea with the honey I'll definitely try that!
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I have used this sauce on routine occasion, mostly for shoulders as his comment about the "gamey" meat can be spot on. Also, fresh ham too....but you have to score the skin, and it's not really a pulled cut, but I like this sauce on it and it makes great sammies!!


I did modify his original slightly and I do the 1/2C Cider Vinegar and 1/2C Apple Cider...and added a recent twist by using orange juice instead of apple cider as I had nothing else with enough natural sugar in the pantry. Had a really great tang and the acid seemed to enhance the pork fat flavor.....Mmmmm. I will add that the citrus version went better with my pulled chicken....



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Hey Jeff


I smoked a pork butt yesterday for pulled pork.  I've never used a finishing sauce before, so I decided to try yours.  I couldn't believe how GOOD it was.  After I made it up, I had a taste and thought it was pretty strong in the vinegar dept, but once added to the PP on the bun with coleslaw, it was fantastic. It is now my go-to sauce for PP.


Thanks for sharing





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Thanks for posting this reciipe Jeff. You can bet I'll be trying it on my next batch of pulled pork.



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Thank you Jeff. This was my introduction to finishing sauce and my neighbors and family loved it. Not a lot left of 10 pounds of pork, your recipe definitely made a newbie pit taste advanced!
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Im probably in the minority here but my go to these days is Sweet Baby Rays and Sticky Fingers Sweet Carolina Classic.  LOVE IT.  My wife's homemade TGIs rib sauce is also kick ass but takes time to make. 

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That is very much like the Eastern North Carolina bbq sauce that I've eaten and made for most of my 73 years. I have used honey, molasses, pancake syrup on occasion to sweeten it a bit. I have also put a quarter stick of butter in it and used it to barbecue chickens on a hot grill - just swab it on after puncturing the breasts and thighs.
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Thanks I was looking for a sauce, going to make it now as my 10 lb shoulder is done and tented... CHEERS from Canada



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I've used a very similar recipe, but cooked the shoulder in the slow cooker/roaster in the sauce as well as using it for the finishing sauce.  About another 1/2 cup of cider vinegar though.


Put it on a bun with some cole slaw - Nice alternative to a traditional BBQ sauce.

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I just joined the forum and am happy to see this as my first sauce. I'm excited to try it. Thanks for the post!
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Been using the finishing sauce for 5 years now! Only way to go after pulling the pork!

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I like it, fast and easy!
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Is Creole seasoning the same as Cajun seasoning or do I need to go to the store?
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