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My new smoker

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So you all convinced me, I am now seasoning my GOSM. I had to get the small one, but it cooks everything I need for now. I am having a dinner party tonight to show off my new smoker and the meat it cooks. Thanks guys for the help and stearing me in the right direction.
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Congrats on your new smoker. i'm sure you made a smart choice. I will be very surprised if you don't like it. Have fun.

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Re: My new smoker

Congrats on the new smoker flyaway. It'll do a great job for you. I had a GOSM 3600 propane smoker and a 3600 charcoal smoker and gave them to family members when I upgraded to a couple of Big Block GOSM smokers. Here's wishing you many smoky cooks in the New Year. :D
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Re: My new smoker

Flyaway, many happy and succesful smokes. You'll soon be wanting the big brother to your current smoker.

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