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New smoker

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So,as I stated last weekend.I found out my Masterbuilt XL died.Thursday night I stopped at Gander mountain,to see what was available.the had a camp chef dxl on clearance for 497.99.the pellets on clearance for 9.97 each.
It was to small for my needs.saw we went for a trip to bass pro.I ended up a Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite.basicly an upgrade to my old one.
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Two doors,new chip pan design and 6 shelves instead of a plus,the shelves from the old one fit the new I can drill a couple holes and add more space for jerky.
I'm figuring on adding the insulation mid,upgrade the thermometer in a couple weeks.

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Need to fire it up for the first time later today to season it.a couple more photos to come after I add the shelves.
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Can't wait to see it in action!



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